Teen Kidnapped, 1 Crore Ransom Demanded: Quick Arrest in UP, Victim Rescued in 48 Hours

In the Taluka of Gandevi in Navsari district, a 14-year-old girl was abducted two days ago. The kidnapper had demanded a ransom of one crore from the girl’s father. Acting swiftly, a team led by LCB (Local Crime Branch) officer Sushil Agrawal conducted an operation within 48 hours, resulting in the successful rescue of the abducted girl. The entire operation, initiated based on the experience of the past, was coordinated by the Range IG or the Navsari district police headquarters.

Prompt Police Action Rescues Another Child in Kadiyadra

A few days ago in Kadiyadra, another child was abducted, and unfortunately, due to some mistakes, the child lost their life. Some police officers were suspended in this case. However, utilizing the expertise of the paranormal investigation, a specialized team of three was formed, including a technical ground team. The LCB successfully conducted an operation, securing the arrest of the accused within 48 hours of the kidnapping, bringing an end to the case. The explosion of this entire operation occurred under the supervision of Deepak Korat, the Police Inspector of Navsari LCB, with overall oversight from Sushil Agrawal, the Navsari district police chief.

Diligent Policing Yields Results – Navsari LCB’s Timely Operation

Supervised by Deepak Korat, the Police Inspector of Navsari LCB, a team worked diligently to carry out the operation successfully. Sushil Agrawal, the Police Chief of Navsari district, closely monitored the entire operation. The police, exercising caution, managed to keep the operation confidential, preventing any scent of the operation reaching the accused. Currently, the accused and the abducted girl are en route from Delhi with the police team.

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