Ahmedabad Tragedy: Father’s Bid to Quiet Crying Baby in Rickshaw Ends in Fatal Strangulation

In a tragic incident in Ahmedabad, a father has been arrested for allegedly strangling his five-month-old daughter to death. The father had been estranged from his daughter for quite some time due to family disputes. Yesterday, his wife took the daughter to the hospital. In a heartbreaking turn of events, the father reportedly choked his daughter, resulting in her untimely demise. 

The Kotda Police have taken note of the incident and apprehended the accused father. This distressing incident underscores the need for addressing mental health and family conflicts to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Accused father arrested.

Ahmed Ansari Started Taking Brain Medicine

Ahmed Ansari, a resident of Gomtipur, had a five-month-old daughter. Ahmed used to work as a scrap dealer. The birth of his daughter added to Ahmed’s existing stress. Despite this, he continued to focus on his work, but paid little attention to the needs of his daughter and his wife. 

Consequently, Ahmed started driving a rickshaw to earn a living. Additionally, Ahmed began taking brain medicine to cope with his mental stress.

Tragic Turn: Infant Strangled Amidst Husband’s Rush to Hospital

Last night, Ahmed Ansari rushed his wife to the hospital as she complained of abdominal pain. Meanwhile, his wife went for a sonography. In the interim, as the infant began crying, Ahmed attempted to pacify the child by keeping her quiet, but to no avail. 

Subsequently, he took the infant near the rickshaw. Despite his efforts to silence the child inside the rickshaw, the infant continued to cry. In a distressing turn of events, Ahmed inadvertently strangled the infant while attempting to silence her, leading to the tragic demise of the infant.

Tragedy Unfolds: Desperate Attempt to Pacify with Water Goes Awry

Witnessing the distressing condition of the infant, Ahmed Ansari took her near a tap in the vicinity to sprinkle water on her face in an attempt to calm her down. However, despite his efforts, the infant remained unresponsive. As the surrounding crowd grew anxious and concerned, they swiftly transported both to the Sharadaben hospital. 

Upon examination, doctors declared the infant deceased. Subsequently, the police were informed, leading to their prompt arrival at the hospital and the subsequent arrest of Ahmed Ansari.

ACP Hitendra Chaudhary

Arrest Made Straight from the Hospital: Suspect Accused of Infanticide

Assistant Police Commissioner Hitendra Chaudhary disclosed that the suspect was observed watching the child in the infant’s place. Disheartened by the child’s absence, he became agitated. The suspect’s actions even extended to physically assaulting his wife on several occasions during their tumultuous relationship. 

Last night, as the couple took the infant to the hospital, the child began crying uncontrollably. In a fit of rage, the suspect allegedly strangled the infant to death. Promptly, the police apprehended the suspect right from the hospital premises.

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