Construction Site Tragedy in Ahmedabad: 4 Workers Trapped, 1 Fatality, 3 Critical

In Maninagar, Ahmedabad, a distressing incident unfolded at a new construction site in the Swaminarayan Colony, where four individuals were buried under falling debris. Upon receiving notification, four fire brigade vehicles promptly rushed to the scene of the incident. The fire brigade team successfully extricated three individuals and transferred them to LG Hospital for medical attention. 

Prior to the arrival of the fire brigade, local residents had already initiated the rescue of one person, who was subsequently transported to the hospital for further treatment. At LG Hospital, medical personnel attended to the four individuals, revealing one fatality among them. The condition of the remaining three individuals remains critical, necessitating urgent medical intervention. This incident underscores the importance of swift and coordinated rescue efforts in mitigating the impact of such unfortunate occurrences.

Local Heroes in Action: Swift Rescue Efforts in Maninagar

Local Heroes in Action: Swift Rescue Efforts in Maninagar

Prompt action from local residents and the Fire Brigade averted a potential disaster at the construction site of Shreeji Elegance, located in the Swaminarayan Colony of Maninagar. At approximately 11:30 AM, as laborers were diligently engaged in their tasks, tragedy struck when a structure collapsed, trapping four individuals beneath the debris. Nearby residents immediately sprang into action, alerting the Fire Brigade to the scene.

Among the trapped workers were Shantiben Payalben and Chirag, whose identities were swiftly confirmed by the Fire Brigade team. Thanks to the quick response and coordinated efforts, one individual was promptly rescued by locals even before the arrival of the emergency responders. The Fire Brigade team successfully extricated Shantiben, Payalben, and Chirag from the wreckage and swiftly transported them to LG Hospital for urgent medical attention.

The responsible person was not present at the site office

Lack of Accountability at Construction Site: Deputy Fire Officer’s Statement

According to Deputy Fire Officer Om Jadeja of the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade, in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, it was revealed that the Fire Brigade received a distress call around 11:30 AM reporting an incident in the vicinity. The distress call indicated that four individuals were trapped under debris. The Fire Brigade team successfully rescued three of the trapped individuals. Upon examination, it was discovered that two of the workers were in critical condition and required immediate medical attention.

construction site

The construction site, identified as Shreeji Infra, was where the incident occurred. It was noted that no responsible individual was present at the site when the emergency responders arrived. This lack of accountability raises concerns regarding safety protocols and supervision at construction sites. It is imperative that responsible personnel are present to oversee operations and ensure the implementation of safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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