Vadodara Crime: Land Sale Fraudster Vipul Bhimani Arrested, Cheque Scam Exceeds 2.5 Crores

In the Crime Branch of Vadodara city, a complaint has been filed by a complainant against a sub-inspector-level officer regarding a scam. The accused allegedly committed fraud by not paying an amount exceeding one and a half crores to the complainant after purchasing land, providing a check from his closed bank account. The Crime Branch swiftly registered the complaint and is taking prompt action based on their investigation.

Investigation Initiated in the Crime Branch

Vadodara City Crime Branch is investigating a complaint filed by the complainant Rajendrakumar Narayanbhai Patel, concerning the alleged scam involving Vipul Mansukhbhai Bhimani, a developer, and the original landowner. According to the tripartite agreement, accused Vipul Mansukhbhai Bhimani had promised to pay the complainant a sum of 10 crores 9 lakhs 63 thousand 300 rupees for the sale of the land. The accused had committed to making payments in installments over five weeks, of which three installments totaling 7 crores 19 lakhs 70 thousand rupees were paid. However, the remaining amount of 1 crore 60 lakhs and 1 crore 9 lakhs 93 thousand 300 rupees for the fourth and fifth installments, respectively, remains unpaid to date, leading to a loss of trust between the complainant and the accused.

Cheque Issued and Alleged Fraud by the Accused

Vipul Mansukhbhai Bhimani allegedly issued a total of five checks on different dates and amounts, trusting the complainant. These checks amounted to 7 crores 19 lakhs 70 thousand rupees for three weeks, 1 crore 80 lakhs for the fourth week, and 20 lakhs for the fifth week. However, after the expiration of the agreed-upon period, the accused allegedly did not honor the remaining two checks, amounting to 1 crore 60 lakhs and 1 crore 9 lakhs 93 thousand 300 rupees. Additionally, the accused did not provide the complainant with non-CTS checks from Baroda Gramin Bank, which were part of the agreement, leading to a loss of trust and the filing of a complaint with the Crime Branch.

Accused Arrested by Crime Branch

The Crime Branch, in its investigation into the alleged fraud related to land transactions, arrested the accused Vipul Mansukhbhai Bhimani, a partner in Charbhuj Developers, associated with the Suvarnarekha Society in Nizampura, Vadodara. The investigation is ongoing to determine if there are any other instances of fraudulent activities involving land transactions.

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