Vadodara’s ‘Gamthi Bungalow’ Chaos: Birthday Liquor Party Ends in Police Arrest of 21

In a sprawling celebration organized by Nabeera in the city’s expansive area for a birthday party, the police intervened, dispersing 21 intoxicated youths and young women who were creating chaos. Before the party could escalate further, the police had already arrested and confiscated items such as bottles of alcohol, beer, cold drinks, two-wheelers, and four-wheelers. The hasty booze-fueled gathering in society had stirred up a commotion across the neighborhood.

Unveiling the Secret After the Watch

According to available information, the police received a tip about an alcohol-fueled gathering in a bungalow near the city’s outskirts during the late hours. Acting swiftly, the police raided the bungalow within minutes of receiving the tip. As they forced open the locked door of the bungalow, they found 21 youths who had lost consciousness due to the alcohol-fueled gathering inside. The police promptly put an end to the gathering and sobered up the intoxicated youth.

Nabeera’s Hidden Agendas

In an attempt to avoid police action during alcohol-fueled gatherings, Nabeera’s followers initiated a practice of hiding liquor as soon as the police began capturing footage and videos during such gatherings. Meanwhile, in the adjacent area under construction, people had gathered near bungalows to witness the unfolding events.

Seizure of Millions

According to credible information, the Gotri police, late at night, raided a bungalow where a party was underway, seizing bottles of alcohol, bottles of cold drinks, and other items, including betting-related materials. Additionally, the police also seized various vehicles used to transport people to the location. In total, the police confiscated millions worth of items.

Political Pressure Exerted

Days before Diwali, Gotri police attempted to conduct blood tests on the 21 blood-related individuals associated with Nabeera who were involved in a quickly disbanded gathering. Some families of these youths, as well as friends, had rushed to the police station in protest against the futile attempts to save their offspring from being released. However, the police refrained from taking any action, even in the face of political pressure. The next morning, Gotri police witnessed families of the intoxicated youth running to the police station as the alcohol-fueled gathering was exposed in the media.

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