NHAI Mandates Seat Belt Alarm from April 1, 2025: Benefits of Wearing Seat Belts

Passengers sitting in the rear seat who do not wear seat belts will soon hear alarms ringing in their cars. This is because it has become mandatory for all cars sold in the country from April 1, 2025, to have ‘rear seat belt alarms’ installed. For this purpose, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry (NHAI) issued draft guidelines to automobile manufacturers on March 15.

The seat belt alarm is an essential feature. This safety feature alerts passengers sitting in the car to wear seat belts with beeping sounds and continues until the passenger fastens the seat belt. According to a government official, the notification is only for rear seat belt alarms, and there are no plans to introduce any other new regulations.

₹1,000 Fine for Violating Rules

Currently, it is mandatory for drivers and front seat passengers to have in-built seat belt reminders. Under Rule 138(3) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), passengers in the rear seat not wearing seat belts can be fined ₹1,000, but many people are unaware or ignore it. Traffic police also collect fines from passengers sitting in the rear seat instead of wearing seat belts instead of the driver.

Government Action Following Cyrus Mistry’s Death

Previously, after the demise of Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of the Tata Group, the government had proposed the mandatory installation of three safety features in cars after accidents. The proposal included fitted seat belts, seat belt alarms, and six airbags. However, the proposal for six airbags was not implemented, and eventually, the entire notification was withdrawn.

Fatal Car Accident Claims Another Life

Following the car accident, the death of Cyrus Mistry, his friend Jahangir Pandal (49) also lost his life. Cyrus and Jahangir were sitting in the rear seat of the car and neither of them had worn seat belts. In this accident, Dr. Anaita Pandal and her husband Darius Pandal, who were driving the car, were seriously injured.

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