Constable Flees After Accident Near Khodiyar Nagar, Ahmedabad

A family, including two children and their parents, was hit by a police constable riding a bike near Khodiyar Nagar in the outskirts of the city late at night. The incident has been reported to the division police station. The constable responsible for violating duty at the police station has been apprehended and released on bail. The younger child suffered serious injuries to the face and legs. Currently, the child is admitted to the hospital for treatment. Condom packets, a plastic glass, and an ID card were found at the scene.

Crowd Panic at the Scene

On Thursday night, a couple with two children was hit by a driver without a number plate near Khodiyar Nagar in the outskirts of the city. The driver, who had neither a number plate nor a police board, accidentally collided, causing panic among the crowd. After the accident, the driver fled the scene. The injured family members were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Released on Bail

Upon learning of the incident, traffic police also arrived at the scene. The police initiated an investigation upon receiving a complaint from the affected family. It was discovered during the police investigation that the vehicle belonged to Constable Vijay, who was therefore apprehended by the police for duty negligence during the night. He was subsequently released on bail.

Serious Injury to a Two-Year-Old Boy

It was reported that during the accident, the cheeks of a two-year-old boy were severely lacerated, and he suffered a tear in his leg. The incident occurred while they were riding a bike to watch a movie. Consequently, the child and his family were immediately taken to the SVP Hospital for medical attention.

Police in a Panicked Situation

It was further stated that the driver, due to a tire burst, could not control the vehicle and hence collided. Upon this, the public gathered at the scene and reprimanded the driver vehemently. The car belonged to the police, as indicated by the police inscription on the plate and on both sides of the car. Locals commented that the police were in a panicked situation, as the incident happened near a hotel where CCTV surveillance was active, and they were hesitant to check it.

Hit-and-Run Incident near Makarba Maruti Service Center

An accident of hit-and-run occurred near the Makarba Maruti Service Center on the SG Highway, resulting in the death of one person. The incident happened when an unknown vehicle collided with a person crossing the road from Uttar Pradesh. As a result, the victim suffered severe injuries and died at the scene. The deceased was identified as Indal Singh (Resident: Hathi Singh’s Vadi Satellite). Two traffic police officers reached the scene of the incident. An investigation has been initiated against the unknown driver.

Elderly Woman Hit by an Active Citizen in Paldi Area

An elderly woman was fatally injured when hit by an active citizen while crossing the road near the four-way intersection in the Paldi area of the city. The incident occurred during the afternoon while Nayanaben Patel was crossing the footpath. During the collision, Riya Shah (Resident: Paldi) hit the ground, causing injuries to her body. She was immediately rushed to the civil hospital for treatment. After prolonged treatment, Nayanaben succumbed to her injuries. Therefore, no family members have filed a complaint in this case, and the local citizen has been made a complainant by the traffic police for investigation.

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