AMC Collaborates with Adani Gas and Others for Innovative Waste-to-Energy Solutions at Vibrant Summit

Ahmedabad Aiming to Become a Clean and Zero Waste City through Municipal Corporation Initiatives

In a move towards making Ahmedabad a clean and zero waste city, the Municipal Corporation is set to collaborate with various companies to work on solid waste management. The focus will be on disposing of waste at the Pirana dumpsite and processing it to create useful products. Several Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were signed on the concluding day of the Gujarat Vibrant Summit 2024, indicating a collective effort toward establishing a Zero Waste City.

The Solid Waste Management department stated that plans are underway to manage 100% of the waste generated in the city. The MOUs signed include agreements with Envigen Private Limited to set up a plant capable of producing ethanol from 300 tons of waste per day, Total Gas Limited to produce biogas and bio-fertilizers from 500 tons of waste daily, and Steam House India Limited to establish a processing plant for creating compost and other products from 300 tons of kitchen waste, garden waste, and waste from Vadajinagar Corporation.

This collaborative initiative aims to not only manage waste more effectively but also to contribute to renewable energy and sustainable practices. The partnerships with these companies signify a step forward in making Ahmedabad a model for solid waste management and environmental sustainability.

Niyati Rao

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