Tragic New Year’s Day: Vadodara River Mishap Claims Life of 1 Teen, 2 Brothers Among Victims

In the Bhadari village of Shinor taluka in Vadodara district, the first day of the new year is celebrated with fervor. Six youngsters from Bhadari village, on the banks of the Narmada river, engaged in photography and swimming as part of the New Year celebration. Out of the six, four chose not to swim, dedicating themselves to photography along the riverbank. During this, three youths encountered turbulence in the river, and one of them had to be rescued after being swept away. On Tuesday evening, a search operation was initiated by the Karjan Fire Brigade for the missing three youngsters, but they have not been located yet. Among the missing, two are sons of families in Bhadari village.

Deployment in the Search Operation

In the search operation conducted by the fire brigade, it was revealed that in the fruit orchards near Bhadari village and along the riverbanks, cries for help were heard. Kisan Lalabhai Vasava (age 15), Akshay Rameshbhai Vasava (age 15), and Sohil Jayantibhai Vasava (age 14) from the banks of the Narmada river near the neighboring Divar village went missing while celebrating the new year. The search operation, ongoing since 3 in the afternoon, has yet to find any trace of the three youngsters. This morning, a team from the Vadodara Fire Brigade left for Divar to continue the search.

Photography Expedition

According to information provided by P.S.I. A.R. Mahida of the Shinor Police, Kisan Vasava, Akshay Vasava, Sohil Vasava, Anil Rajubhai Vasava, Subhash Vishnubhai Patanvadiya, and Vishal Mohanbhai Vasava, all residing in the tank-bearing Faliya of Bhadari village, ventured to capture photographs along the banks of the Narmada river during the new year. However, their whereabouts had not been ascertained until now.

Celebration of Bhai Beej

In the primary investigation by the police, it was revealed that all six youngsters had gone to celebrate Bhai Beej at the house of a sister residing in the nearby Chhanbhor village, as well as to meet and celebrate the new year. After meeting the sister and family, they planned to have a picnic by the Narmada river, which they reached in the afternoon.

Photography Session by the Riverside

During the police investigation, it was also found that before drowning, all six friends had taken selfies, photographs, and videos along the Narmada river. Among the six, Kisan Vasava, Akshay Vasava, Sohil Vasava, and Anil Vasava went to the Narmada river, while Subhash Patanvadiya and Vishal Vasava did not join due to personal reasons, staying back and capturing photographs by the riverbank.

Rescue Operation in the Narmada River

Four teenagers, caught in the currents of the Narmada River, were in distress. Despite their efforts to swim to safety, they found themselves stranded. While Anil Rajubhai managed to reach the shore, Kishan, Akshay, and Sohil were swept away in the turbulent waters of the river.

Police Arrival

Subhash Patanwadiya and Vishal Vasava, relatives of the affected teenagers, rushed to the scene. Simultaneously, officers from Shinor Police Station, including Vardhaji Rajput, also arrived. The fire brigade from Vadodara was alerted, and a team was dispatched to conduct a search and rescue mission.

Vadodara Fire Brigade’s Response

According to police reports on Tuesday evening, the incident occurred around 5 PM. The Karjan Fire Brigade initiated the search around the same time, but no leads were found until the early morning hours. Today, from 7 AM, the Karjan Fire Brigade, with assistance from Vadodara Fire Brigade, intensified the search. However, no clues were found until 10 AM.

Family’s Emotional Turmoil

In the primary police investigation, it was revealed that Akshay Vasava and Kishan Vasava, two brothers from Bhadari village, lost their lives in the Narmada River. This incident occurred on the first day of the new year when the Diwali festival was being celebrated in Bhadari village. The entire community was plunged into grief as three teenagers from the village lost their lives in the river.

The Tragedy’s Toll

As the search continues along the Narmada River, the grieving families of the three teenagers who drowned near Bhadari village are struggling to cope with the tragedy. The bodies of the three missing teenagers, who drowned near the riverbank, have been recovered, adding a somber chapter to this unfortunate incident.

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