Fatal Bus Fire in MP: 13 Lives Lost in Tragic Collision with Dumper, 7 Bodies Charred

On Wednesday evening in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, a passenger bus caught fire after colliding with a dumper. Thirteen people lost their lives in this horrific accident, with seven bodies found charred due to the intense flames. Approximately 16 people were injured and have been admitted to the district hospital for medical treatment.

Bus Accident and Fire Near Guna

The unfortunate incident occurred around 8:30 PM on Wednesday night. The bus, heading towards Guna, collided with a dumper coming from the opposite direction, resulting in the bus overturning and catching fire. Within minutes, the flames engulfed the entire bus. It took about four hours to bring the fire under control. According to SP Vijay Kumar Khatri, approximately 30 passengers were on the bus.

Seven Lives Lost in the Tragic Incident

After the bus caught fire, people in the vicinity gathered at the scene. Traffic congestion occurred on the road. The police worked to control the situation, and fire department officials also participated in the rescue efforts. During the process of removing the bodies from the bus, fire personnel also faced challenges. The bodies were charred to such an extent that even family members may find it difficult to identify them.

Driver’s Actions Investigated in Bus Fire

Eyewitnesses claim that the driver tried to bring the dumper to a halt by shifting to neutral gear and applying the brakes, but the steering and brakes jammed. Consequently, the dumper collided directly with the bus, leading to the fire. Authorities, including the police and administration officials, have reached the accident site to investigate. As of now, the identification of the deceased is not possible. The State Disaster Emergency Response Force (SDERF) team is also present at the scene.

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