Rajkot Raids Unveil Numerous Benami Transactions for Builders Group on Day 2 of IT Operation

As March approaches its end, the commencement of one of the largest financial year-end search operations has drawn near. Starting from the morning of February 27th, the Income Tax department has launched a mega search operation on the influential builders’ lobby in Rajkot. The operation targeted the associates of Vinesh Patel from the renowned Orbit Group and prominent builder Dilip Ladani, along with their associated partners, who were under scrutiny throughout the night. 

Several benami transactions have been uncovered amidst the investigations, with significant amounts of undisclosed funds surfacing. The investigation wing of Rajkot, supported by a team of over 150 officials, extended its search across various projects of the Orbit Group and Ladani Associates, scrutinizing financiers and partners involved in different ventures. Yesterday morning witnessed another intense phase of the search operation, indicating a concerted effort to unveil undisclosed assets and financial irregularities in the region.

IT Department Conducts Search Operation on 15 Locations in Rajkot

Under the leadership of Commissioner Draupsingh Meena, the investigation wing of the Rajkot Income Tax Department commenced a rigorous search operation in Rajkot, covering approximately 15 locations starting yesterday morning. Apart from Rajkot, officials from Gujarat have also been summoned for assistance in this search operation. 

All officials maintained the search throughout the night, which began yesterday morning. Today, on the 28th of February, the operation continues for its second day. Sources close to the investigation report the discovery of numerous benami transactions overnight, raising the possibility of significant undisclosed funds. Consequently, further scrutiny is underway today to ascertain the extent of these findings.

Tom Arrives in Rajkot from Ahmedabad in the Early Morning

Tom Arrives in Rajkot from Ahmedabad in the Early Morning

The entire team had been dispatched from Ahmedabad on Monday evening, only to arrive in Rajkot early the following morning. At precisely 6 o’clock in the morning, the search operation was initiated, with Dilip Ladani, Vinesh Patel, and their associates being approached for the operation.

Builders Associated with Orbit Group Also Targeted in the Raids

According to sources, the Income Tax team, during yesterday’s search operation, targeted various projects associated with the Orbit Group. Notable projects such as Orbit Tower and Orbit Royal Garden, along with their partners, including the renowned builder Dilip Ladani and his associates like Mayur Raddia, Danubha Jadeja (Domda), and financier Mahipat Singh Chudasama, were among those scrutinized. 

Numerous individuals affiliated with these projects have come under the radar of income tax scrutiny. The operation, spanning more than 15 locations, encompasses offices, as well as residences of the builders.

Teams from 6 Cities Join in Raids

Teams from 6 Cities Join in Raids

Once again, the Income Tax department has startled the entire builder lobby by initiating extensive raids across the entirety of Saurashtra, involving builders, financiers, and real estate agents. Today’s comprehensive operation is spearheaded by the Investigation Wing, under the leadership of Officer Adarsh Tiwari. Teams from Rajkot, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat have been assembled for the raids in Dhoraji.

Prominent Jewelers Targeted in Dhoraji

Prominent Jewelers Targeted in Dhoraji

During the pre-Diwali period, prominent jewelers in Rajkot were engulfed in a swift heist, involving millions of rupees in stolen goods. The incident occurred amidst a raid in which Income Tax authorities seized a significant amount of undisclosed assets. It’s worth noting that the Ladani Group had previously been subject to a search operation by the Income Tax Department back in September 2018.

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