After Abu Dhabi Excavation, Structural Expert Likens Found High Platform to ‘Small Dove perched on Elephant’s Back’

The construction of the Abu Dhabi BAPS Hindu Temple, blending ancient architectural principles with modern technology, unfolds a narrative enriched with countless fascinating details and experiences. Amidst excavation work, an astonishingly massive and sturdy foundation stone was unearthed, leaving the chief civil engineer from Parsons and the chief structural engineer from RSP, along with the project manager, Shahporji Palonji, in awe of the unprecedented depth of the foundation stone. Such was its magnitude that a structural expert from Malaysia remarked, ‘It will be like finding a small pigeon perched on the back of an elephant.’

Eco-Friendly Dining

Adjacent to the temple, one can find a vegetarian food court, Shou-House, nestled beside the flowing river. Noteworthy is the unique design of benches, tables, and chairs within this food court. For the construction of the temple, around 20,000 tons of stones were imported to Abu Dhabi via 700 containers, with these stones arriving in pallets. These same pallets were repurposed to craft the benches, tables, and chairs here. Additionally, this innovative approach also conveys a message of sustainability, reflecting the temple’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

Utilization of Fly Ash Concrete

In a significant effort towards green building, a substantial amount of fly ash concrete was employed in the foundation of the temple. Approximately 55% of the cement in the concrete mix was replaced with fly ash, resulting in an environmentally friendly blend aimed at reducing carbon footprint and fostering the creation of a green building.

Unique Experiences Amidst Temple Foundation

Within the temple foundation, after a mere one-meter excavation, a remarkably massive and robust foundation stone was discovered, leaving the structural expert from SOE Consultants, Dr. Kong Siak Kiong, astonished as he remarked, ‘It will be like finding a small pigeon perched on the back of an elephant.’ Sandeep Vyas, the chief civil engineer from Parsons, Vasiahmed Behlim, the chief structural engineer from RSP, and the project manager, Tinu Simon, all expressed their amazement at the discovery of this exceptionally high foundation stone during excavation work.

Utilization of Sand as Structural Fill Material

When sand is used as fill material in the foundation of a temple, it should be free from sulfur and chloride. It can be challenging to find sand suitable for temple foundations, but testing in the lab for sulfur or chloride content can identify unsuitable samples, making it possible to use such sand directly as structural fill material for the foundation.

Providing Pressure, Temperature, and Related Data

In different layers of the foundation, 300 sensors have been installed to monitor pressure, temperature, and seismic activities. This temple, equipped with these sensors, will alert about various physical quantities and various issues. All these sensors will work as a checklist providing pressure, temperature, and related data.

Successful Dissemination of Model

After creating a digital model of the temple and spreading it through extremely intense seismic simulation, this model has been successfully disseminated.

Details of Live Broadcast

The live broadcast of the consecration ceremony of the Abu Dhabi temple will take place on February 14, 2024, from 8:45 to 10:00 Indian Standard Time. You can watch it on this link

Temple Inauguration Ceremony

The inauguration ceremony of the temple will take place on February 14, 2024, from 6:00 to 9:50 Indian Standard Time. You can watch it on this link

Global Aarti

When Guruhari Mahant Swami and Prime Minister Narendra Modi perform the Aarti during the inauguration ceremony, which is around 7 to 8 pm Indian time, all devotees are encouraged to perform Aarti at their homes.

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