Reunited After 11 Years: Woman Found From Kolkata, Reconnecting with Family, to Return Home with Police Assistance

In the Panchmahal district’s Bhamaiya village of Godhra taluka, a woman from a poor family went missing 11 years ago. After residing in a coma at a Kolkata hospital, she suddenly regained consciousness. The woman shared her entire ordeal with doctors through a video call, leaving her and her son’s relatives in tears. Given the family’s financial struggles, seeking police assistance, the woman may return home with the support of the Panchmahal Police.

Tragic Marriage: The Vanishing Act of Parinita

In 2013, Geetaben Patel, a woman from Bhamaiya village in Godhra taluka, went missing after her marriage. Despite the family’s two-year-long search, she remained untraceable. Eleven years later, Geetaben’s sudden contact with her family in Kolkata brings hope, and the family is now under consideration for reunion.

Kolkata Hospital Odyssey: Years Spent in Coma

Geetaben Patel, missing since her marriage in 2013, was found to have been residing in a coma at a Kolkata hospital for several years. Her return to consciousness in Bhana prompted her to contact her family. The Panchmahal Police, acting as mediators, may facilitate her return from Kolkata to her homeland.

Mental Struggles: An Unstable Journey

Geetaben’s mental health was not stable during her troubled marriage, leading her to disappear. The family searched for her across various places but failed to find her. When she finally contacted her family after 11 years, she communicated in Gujarati through a video call. This revelation allowed the family to establish contact with the Panchmahal Police Station and, subsequently, with the woman’s family.

Husband’s Disappearance: A Parallel Trauma

Notably, Geetaben’s husband had also faced an unfortunate end, contributing to the family’s overall distress. The family is currently supported by neighbors and friends, but the responsibility of providing for the family falls on the eldest son, who has grown significantly in the 11 years but had to leave his studies.

Financial Struggles and Family Support

The family, grappling with financial difficulties, sought assistance from the police to bring Geetaben back to Godhra. The police, turning into allies, are coordinating with Kolkata to bring her back via train. This heart-touching narrative showcases both the emotional and financial challenges faced by the family, revealing the complexities of their journey.

Panchmahal Police to Escort Woman to Kolkata

Geeta and her family are unable to bring her back from Kolkata. Details have emerged that the Panchmahal Police will escort this woman back to Kolkata. In a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, PI Praveen Asoda revealed that the district police administration has booked her ticket on the train. Geeta will be brought back from Kolkata by the police.

Tears Flow as Video Call Unravels

Geeta’s journey from this village in Panchmahal to Kolkata raises questions. Geeta, who has been in a coma in the hospital for years, suddenly regains consciousness and informs the hospital staff that she needs to contact the Panchmahal police. Upon investigation, it was revealed that this woman had left her previous village of Bhamaiya. Not only that, but when she spoke to her children via video call, both she and her children broke down in tears. This incident resembles a plot from a Gujarati novel, raising questions about what transpired in these 11 years. The complete truth will only be revealed when the woman returns home.

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