Breaking: Police Busts Gambling Racket with Alleged Film-Style Plot; IB’s PI Suspected of Colluding in Betting Scandal

In Ahmedabad, a purported racket amounting to 1400 crores linked to film plots by PI Taral Bhatt has surfaced, sending shockwaves across the city. Revelations have emerged implicating multiple police officers in the scandal, with details suggesting their involvement in the manipulation of hookah bars alongside Bhatt. The unfolding saga has taken a new turn with the disclosure of an investigation by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), uncovering the complicity of a PI acting as a mediator in the entire racket, particularly orchestrating transactions within hookah bars.

SMC Report Unveils the Extent of Racket Involving Taral Bhatt

The recent report issued by the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) has brought to light the sprawling network of the racket involving Taral Bhatt, a case that has now garnered statewide attention. Individuals associated with Bhatt have allegedly orchestrated significant financial irregularities, prompting widespread discussions across the state. 

Furthermore, the State Monitoring Cell’s report has identified pivotal figures within the racket, including a PI from the Intelligence Bureau (IB), suspected of facilitating the movement of funds within the entire operation. The investigation into this racket has implicated a hookah bar in Ahmedabad, where certain police officers are believed to have been involved in clandestine meetings. Surveillance footage from CCTV cameras installed at the hookah bar has been procured by investigating agencies to unravel the depths of the situation.

Police Officers Engage in Betting at Hookah Bars Amidst Cricket Scandal

Within the Madhupura locality of Ahmedabad, amidst the red zones of cricket betting, accounts and transactions were discovered. This entire racket also involved the Mahadev app. Concurrently, investigations were underway into this elaborate case. During the course of these investigations, the immediate attention of the PCIB (Provincial Crime Investigation Bureau) PI and their team was drawn towards the 1400 crore financial transactions. 

Following a comprehensive investigation conducted by the PCIB and their team, the case was handed over to the State Monitoring Cell (SMC). During separate inquiries conducted by the SMC, it was found that certain police officers in Ahmedabad were engaging in betting activities at a hookah bar.

According to the information received from the police

Investigation Initiates into Police Officers’ Activities Captured on CCTV

Amidst the ongoing probe into the Madhupura betting scandal, the police have commenced an investigation into the activities of their own officers, as revealed through CCTV footage. Based on information obtained from police sources, during the period of investigation into the Madhupura betting case, several individuals were summoned for questioning. 

The police possess footage of those officers and other individuals who were involved in betting activities. Now, this footage is being scrutinized by an agency to extend the investigation to include the activities of civilians captured on camera.

IB’s PI to Face Action in Madhupura Cricket Betting Scandal

In addition to the police officers from the Provincial Crime Investigation Bureau (PCIB), an Intelligence Bureau (IB) PI was also allegedly involved in orchestrating financial transactions within the entire Madhupura cricket betting racket. Following the exposure of this extensive racket, action is now anticipated against the IB PI as well. 

This action is prompted by revelations from undisclosed reports flagged by the State Monitoring Cell (SMC), which have brought the IB PI’s potentially dubious role to light. As a result, further investigation is expected into the activities of the IB PI in connection with the betting scandal.

20 lakh rupees taken outside CP office

Alleged Misappropriation of Funds from CP’s Office in Ahmedabad

According to sources within the State Monitoring Cell (SMC), it has been reported that an amount of 20 lakh rupees was withdrawn from the Commissioner of Police’s office in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. Additionally, another 20 lakh rupees were withdrawn from the riverfront area. Some of these funds were allegedly taken to the residence of a senior officer nearby. However, as pressure mounted, the funds were eventually returned. It is reported that a senior police officer declined to be involved in accommodating these individuals, shedding light on their actions associated with the entire racket.

Alleged Corruption in Deals Worth 20 Lakhs on the Riverfront

According to sources familiar with the matter, it has been revealed in the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) report that police officers were involved in separate deals amounting to 20 lakhs in different locations. While deals were made both outside the Police Commissioner’s office and on the riverfront, investigations were delayed due to various reasons, and the officers involved cannot be identified via CCTV footage at the moment. However, there is a possibility that these officers have engaged in illicit activities, and their investigation is now entrusted to the Anti-Corruption Bureau to ensure the integrity of the state police force.

Police Officer

Senior Officer’s Intervention Leads to Investigation of Corruption Allegations

Two months after the initiation of the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) investigation, a probe into alleged corruption unfolded under the pretext of multiple individuals’ bank accounts. The investigations commenced based on CDs, primarily targeting those who received the most calls. They were summoned and requested money from their acquaintances. Taral Bhatt and his associates were involved in the entirety of these deals. Many individuals began soliciting money from others due to their position of power. However, one senior officer objected, prompting the entire case to be brought to light, leading to an investigation by the SMC two months later.

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