Tragic Loss in Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Surti Youth Killed in Drone Attack, Hyderabad Friends Transport Body

A few months ago, news came that Russia is now calling youth from other countries to fight against Ukraine. At that time, this issue was not much discussed. However, two days ago, Asaduddin Owaisi held a press conference in Hyderabad revealing that Indian youth are being forced to fight in Ukraine by saying that they are needed for another job in Russia. Among those who lost their lives in the drone attack in Ukraine was a youth named Hemil Mangukiya from Surat, who was working as a security helper during the war. This youth died on February 21st, but there was no confirmation about his death. Speaking to his father Ashwinbhai confirmed Hemil’s death, stating that Hemil died in a drone attack on February 21st. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine erupted on February 24th, two years ago. There were four Indians in warzone, Ukraine, among whom three were youths from Hyderabad and one was from Surat. While Hemil lost his life in the drone attack, the three youths from Hyderabad survived. After that, these three youths placed Hemil’s dead body in a truck.

Conversation with father a day before Hemil’s death

In December last year, two youths from Gujarat were part of this group that went to Russia. Surat’s Hemil was also working there. A few days ago, Hemil’s father Ashwinbhai Mangukiya about his conversation with Hemil. He revealed that his son Hemil had gone from there on December 15th. The agent told us clearly that he would be a military helper there. He was also told that he would be trained to operate guns and explode bombs. But all this training would be for his own safety. Nowadays, it is a trend for youths to go abroad. So, I also wanted my son to go. He had been trying for two and a half years. Now that Hemil got the opportunity to go to Russia, he was prepared. When Hemil was there, there was no network. He used to talk to me on the phone when he got internet access after 3-4 days. His call came on the night of February 20th. He used to tell me that he didn’t even take tension about anything. There is no problem here. Hemil talked to his father only on the night of February 20th and died on February 21st.

Friend warned, “It’s very risky not to come back”

Tahir, who returned from Ukraine, told that work was stopped due to Christmas holidays. So, where there would be a one-day stoppage, it took 2-3 days. Meanwhile, many of our calls to the people who had gone ahead were connected. At that time, Hemil Mangukiya from Surat also talked to me. Hemil told me, “You don’t come forward. It’s very risky ahead. Many youths are injured by grenades, some are shot with bullets. There is a lot of danger ahead. Don’t try to come back in any way.”

Agency named “Baba Vlog” went to Ukraine

Hemil’s father Ashwinbhai Mangukiya claims that when he went to Mumbai to put his son Hemil there, he met the agent face to face. He has spoken to me about everything. At that time, the agent Mohin had come to Mumbai from Russia and I met him. This agent is originally from Rajasthan. But he has got PR of Russia. Baba Vlog runs a man named Faizal Khan in Dubai. When he comes to India, his agent is named Ramiz in Russia. All these are Indians. All the boys went through Baba Vlog only.

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