Modernization of 9 Railway Stations in Ahmedabad Division, 12 in Rajkot, and 8 in Vadodara Division Planned for Gujarat

Several railway stations across Gujarat will undergo redevelopment with state-of-the-art facilities. Including the largest railway station in the state, Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad, a total of 9 railway stations, 12 stations in Rajkot Division along with Rajkot Railway Junction, and 8 railway stations in the Vadodara Division will witness redevelopment. The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for February 26, 2024, to be conducted via video conference by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Simultaneous Inaugurations and Commencement

The upcoming day will be the most significant in the history of railway operations. The work has been progressing well over the last decade. A substantial budget of 2,52,000 crores has been allocated for this year. All projects have received approval. The forthcoming day will be historic, featuring entries in the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of World Records. Prime Minister will inaugurate the work simultaneously at 2000 locations.

Redevelopment for Passenger Convenience

There has been a significant increase in rail traffic day by day towards Saurashtra. Trains heading towards Rajkot, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Dwarka, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, and Kutch experience heavy passenger footfall. Hence, redevelopment of railway stations in major cities like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Vadodara has been undertaken. Moreover, redevelopment work has been included for Khandheri and Sindhavadar railway stations in Rajkot, and for Utran, Sayan, Kim, Kosamba, and Ankleshwar railway stations in Vadodara.

Facilitating Passenger Crossings Over Railway Lines

The redevelopment of railway stations will include world-class facilities such as modern buildings, booking and parcel offices, lifts, escalators, concourses, AC waiting rooms, convenient parking, modern coach guidance display boards, announcement systems, Wi-Fi, modern CCTV systems, and adequate lighting arrangements. Construction of underpasses and overpasses along railway lines will also ensure safe pedestrian crossings over railway tracks.

Inauguration of 554 Railway Stations and 1500 Bridges

The inauguration of the redevelopment of 554 railway stations and the construction of 1500 road overbridges/underbridges, with a project cost of ₹41,000 crores, will be conducted. This includes the unveiling of the redevelopment of 9 stations, along with the inclusion of 19 road underpasses in the Ahmedabad Division. Major upgrades to Ahmedabad Railway Station and the inclusion of Maninagar, Chandlodiya, Vatva, Samakhiali, Siddhpur, Unjha, Mahesana, and Bhildi stations under the Amrit Mahotsav Scheme will be carried out at a cost of ₹233 crores.

Improvement of Banking and Water Facilities on Platforms in Vadodara

As part of the redevelopment in Vadodara, facilities such as escalators, toilets, parking, station building signage, voter booths, and improved water and banking facilities will be provided at stations like Uttran, Sayan, Kim, Kosamba, and Ankleshwar Railway Stations. Overbridge construction will be carried out at stations like Sayan, Kim, Ankleshwar, and Mahemdavad Kheda Road. Surface improvements will also be made in Sayan, Kim, Kosamba, and Ankleshwar. Elevators will be installed in Godhra and Ankleshwar. The total cost for all redevelopment works includes ₹7.89 crores for Uttran, ₹31.54 crores for Sayan and ₹26.60 crores each for Kim and Kosamba.

Construction of 11 Road Overbridges-Underpasses in Rajkot

According to available information, the redevelopment of 12 stations in Rajkot Division will take place, including stations like Rajkot, Jamnagar, Morbi, Wankaner, Bhakti, Khambhalia, Dwarka, Hapa, Paddhari, Kanalus, Than, and Okha. Construction of 11 road overbridges-underpasses at different locations such as Khandheri, Khambhalia, Okhamadhi, Pipali, Hapa, Jamwanti, Sindhavadar, Vanirod, Modpur, Chanol, Hadmatiya, and Lakhanchi will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister. The total cost for all construction works is approximately ₹181.42 crores.

Significant Improvement in Business-Industry in Saurashtra

It is notable that the space of Rajkot Railway Station is very limited, and daily 15 or more train pairs run here. Therefore, for the passengers to get better facilities, a world-class redevelopment will be undertaken by the Chief Minister. The modernization of the railway station will make Rajkot a high-speed and long-distance destination, with the possibility of receiving 5 or more new trains. This will not only benefit Rajkot but also the entire Saurashtra region in terms of business and industry.

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