Vadodara Residents Stranded in Israel: A Tale of Hope and Resilience

In the Israel war, people from Vadodara are trapped, with more than 250 Vadodara residents stranded, most of whom are women involved in the nursing profession.

Vadodara: Conflict Erupts Between Israel and Hamas. A war is raging from both sides, creating an extremely alarming situation. Particularly, people from Vadodara are trapped in this conflict. More than 250 Vadodara residents are stranded, with the majority being women. These women are engaged in the nursing profession, working in hospitals in Israel. On the other hand, the war situation has placed heavy concern on their families.

During the ongoing conflict, Minakshiben from Petlad was under a tremendous amount of pressure. She had sent a video message describing the situation. Minakshiben revealed that the terrorists had killed 700 people in Israel. Children are using barricades to protect themselves from intruders. Armed assailants break into homes, firing indiscriminately. We’ve been advised not to step out unnecessarily. Friday was supposed to be a day off, but there was still tension. A major attack occurred in the morning after the ceasefire. Taking care of elderly grandparents, we’ve created a room for emergencies. In just 10 seconds, we shifted to the room with our grandparents. We’re trying to manage, but how can we work in such conditions? This is the situation.

Sonalben from Rajkot Describes the Situation:

In Israel, where the conflict has been ongoing for many years, Rajkot’s Sonalben Gadiya had posted a video on social media. In this video, she made it clear that going outside of one’s home is highly risky. Venturing out in public places is equivalent to risking one’s life. Troublemakers on the roads are attacking anyone, without asking for names or anything else. People are firing directly at individuals. Explosions occurred at Batiyam City during the night, but things are relatively calm now. Currently, all citizens are staying indoors. From Gaza, we can hear occasional gunfire and even missiles being launched. The main roads and markets are advised to be avoided by the Israeli government. Currently, those who are living there are staying inside their homes.

It’s worth noting that due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, Gujarati families in India are also experiencing a climate of concern. Those whose family members and children are in Israel are deeply worried. Those who were brought back safely from Russia and Ukraine earlier are now in touch with the Indian Embassy in this situation.

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