Double Murder in Ankleshwar: Girlfriend Caught with Another Lover, Killed by Boyfriend

In Ankleshwar, Bharuch, a shocking incident of double murder came to light, where Parinita confessed to the police station about killing both her lovers after discovering her relationship with another man. This tragic event sheds light on the complexities of human emotions and the consequences of unchecked jealousy and betrayal. The community is left in disbelief as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding this devastating crime in Ankleshwar.

Tragic Double Murder in Sarangpur’s Yogeshwar Nagar

A horrific incident of double murder has unfolded in Yogeshwar Nagar, Sarangpur, where a young man and woman were brutally killed. The crime occurred in a love affair where the boyfriend committed the murders. The young woman was fatally attacked with a sharp weapon. The boyfriend, enraged upon seeing his girlfriend with another young man, resorted to this heinous act. The CID police have initiated an investigation into the matter, unraveling the grim circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Love Triangle Turns Fatal: Confessions Unveil Ankleshwar’s Tragedy

The city of Ankleshwar witnessed a grim tale of betrayal and murder as Parinita found herself entangled with two lovers. The complexity of her romantic entanglements took a dire turn when she confessed to the police about the deaths of both her paramours. Sarangpur in Ankleshwar now grapples with the aftermath of this deadly love triangle. 

According to media reports, Hitesh Vasava and Rohan Vasava, residents of Ranipura, were both involved romantically with Parinita, who herself was a mother of two children. Parinita, entwined in relationships with two young men, incited Rohan’s fury upon his discovery of her involvement with Hitesh. The volatile emotions and tangled relationships have left the community reeling in shock and disbelief.

Tragic Turn of Events Unfolds in Yogeshwar Nagar, Ankleshwar

According to reports, a tragic incident unfolded in Yogeshwar Nagar, a village in Ankleshwar, where Parinita’s involvement with her lover, Hitesh Vasava, came to light to Rohan. Early in the morning, Rohan attempted to force open Parinita’s door, but it remained shut. After waiting for a long time, Rohan forcibly entered several houses, only to find Parinita with another young man, fueling his anger. 

Rohan committed the murders of both Parinita and her lover, Hitesh, before fleeing towards his village. Sadly, Rohan later surrendered to the police, confessing to the killings. This tragic incident has left the community in shock and sorrow in Yogeshwar Nagar, Ankleshwar.

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