Surat Gang Violence: Youth Brutally Murdered Over Money, Killed at Midnight

In yet another tragic incident, a young man fell victim to a brutal murder in the Athwagate area of Surat. The victim, identified as Pintu Navsariwala, was stabbed to death with a paddle on a public road outside Mahaveer Hospital late last night. Initial investigations suggest the perpetrators are associated with the notorious Surya Marathi gang, known for their violent activities. Umra police have initiated an investigation and are working to apprehend the culprits.

Youth Fatally Stabbed: Shock Grips Surat Residents

Surat witnesses another gruesome murder as Pintu Navsariwala succumbs to multiple stab wounds inflicted by unidentified assailants wielding paddles. The incident occurred around 2 AM, leaving the community in shock and grief. The Umra police were alerted, and they promptly arrived at the scene to begin their investigation. The body was shifted to Civil Hospital for postmortem, and a murder case was registered.

Financial Dispute Turns Deadly: Details Emerge

The murder of Pintu Navsariwala was reportedly sparked by a monetary dispute. Investigations reveal that the victim was killed over a financial transaction gone awry, involving a sum of money. The altercation escalated, leading to a fatal clash resulting in Pintu’s demise. The accused, believed to be members of the notorious Surya Marathi gang, are now under scrutiny by law enforcement.

Gang Affiliation Unveiled: Victim’s Connection to Law Enforcement

Further inquiries into the incident shed light on the involvement of the Surya Marathi gang in the crime. Pintu Navsariwala, the deceased, was not only an informant for the Navsariwala police but also engaged in financial activities, including land leasing. The friendship between the accused and the victim soured over financial disagreements, culminating in a tragic outcome.

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