Woman in Rajkot Suicide Over Jewelry Criticism by In-Laws: Tragic Incident Unfolds

Parineeta tragically took her own life by ingesting poisonous seeds mixed with wheat at Mawtar’s residence in Tilak Plot near Mochi Bazar in Rajkot. A note left by Parineeta revealed that she felt compelled to take such a drastic step due to incessant nagging from her in-laws, including her husband, about household responsibilities and dowry. In response to a complaint filed by Parineeta’s father, legal action has been initiated against her in-laws, including her husband, for their alleged role in driving her to suicide.

Rina Pradipbhai Vaniya, the 30-year-old wife, had been married for six months and resided at Mawtar’s house on Street No. 1, Mochi Bazar Tilak Plot. She was rushed to the hospital on the night of December 17, 2023, after consuming poison and unfortunately passed away during treatment. Parineeta, the eldest among two sisters and one brother, had tied the knot with Pradeep Karsan Vania of Vijayanagar, Thorala, on May 8, 2023.

The father of the deceased, Manubhai Nathabhai Solanki (59), filed a case against Pradeep Karshanbhai Vaniya (daughter’s husband), mother-in-law Prabhaben, Nanand Tinu, and Tripti at the A-Division police station. Manubhai’s complaint outlined the events leading to Parineeta’s demise, citing instances of mistreatment and harassment by the in-laws.

The complaint narrated how, on the fateful evening of December 17, 2023, Parineeta started vomiting in the kitchen, and upon investigation, a bag of cloth containing poison intended for wheat was discovered. Manubhai’s recounting continued with the discovery of a note detailing the in-laws’ torture, found in Parineeta’s clothes after the funeral.

According to Maganbhai, Parineeta had been subjected to taunts and mistreatment by her husband Pradeep, mother-in-law Prabhaben, and sisters-in-law Mena. The complaints revolved around insufficient clothing and jewelry provided, accusations of incompetence in cooking, and questioning Parineeta’s mental health. Despite Parineeta’s attempts to address these issues with her parents, she was encouraged to return to her in-laws’ home to preserve family harmony.

On September 15, 2023, a case was registered against the in-laws, and Parineeta sought refuge at Mawtar’s house, where she stayed until her tragic decision. The police have registered a case under Sections 498(a), 306, 114 of the IPC, and relevant sections of the Dowry Prohibition Act against Pradeep. Presently, efforts are underway to apprehend the accused.

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