Fire Erupts in Plastic Godown Late Night in Ahmedabad’s Gota, 26 Fire Tenders Rushed, Water Cannon Fired Till Morning

In the late hours, a devastating fire broke out in a plastic warehouse near Silver Oak University in the Gota area of Ahmedabad. The inferno engulfed around four to five warehouses, reducing them to ashes. 

Firefighting teams, comprising 26 fire brigade vehicles, battled the flames throughout the night, employing a massive water spray to bring the blaze under control. The fire, which erupted during the early hours of the morning, had residents in the vicinity in a state of panic. 

Presently, the fire brigade team is diligently working to extinguish the fire completely and prevent any further damage.

Flames were seen far and wide

Massive Fire Spreads Rapidly in Ahmedabad’s Gota Area

According to information obtained from the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade, at around 1:30 AM, a message was received at the control room stating that a fire had broken out near Silver Oak University in the Gota area. In response, firefighting teams were dispatched immediately. 

The fire started in a plastic warehouse in the Chehar Estate and within just ten minutes, it escalated into a raging inferno. The entire warehouse was engulfed in flames within moments, with smoke and flames visible from a distance. 

As the fire brigade teams arrived, the fire had already spread extensively. A total of 26 fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene one after another.

Water ran until morning

Fire Brought Under Control After 6 Hours

Efforts to control the fire were initiated by the fire brigade team, who began spraying water to contain the blaze. The fire had erupted in a plastic warehouse, rapidly spreading from one warehouse to another, affecting around four to five warehouses in total. 

After six hours of intense efforts, the fire was finally brought under control at 7:30 AM. The plastic warehouse in the Chehar Estate suffered significant damage due to the fire, as it lacked any fire suppression systems apart from firefighting equipment.

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