Two Morning Incidents in Ahmedabad: Fire at Firecracker Factory on Dholka Highway Claims Lives of 3 Animals

In Ahmedabad, two incidents have occurred early in the morning. In the first incident, a fire broke out around four o’clock in the morning at a factory near Narimanpura village, situated above the Sarkhej-Dholka highway, which manufactures firecrackers. The Ahmedabad Fire Brigade dispatched a total of nine vehicles to the scene of the incident and managed to control the fire. Three goats died in the fire from the sheds built inside the factory, while three goats were rescued by the fire team. In the second incident, a fire broke out at the service station of Patel Travels located on the Sanathal-Bavla road in the city, engulfing all the goods stored there in flames.

Three fire brigade teams arrived at the scene.

According to information obtained from the fire brigade, the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade was informed around four in the morning about the fire in the New Mira King Fireworks factory located in the village of Nadeem around the Sarkhej-Dholka road, which is near the riverside on the way to Dholka from Sarkhej. Due to the fierce fire at the factory of firecrackers, it quickly took on a devastating form. A total of nine vehicles from the Prabhala Nagar, Aslali, and Bopal fire stations immediately rushed to the spot near Narimanpura. The fire was brought under control by spraying water from all four sides by the 25 youth of the fire brigade.

Three goats died in the fire.

From 8 in the morning until the fire brigade team arrived, 2 lakh liters of water were used to extinguish the fire. After the fire was brought under control by the fire brigade team, a search was conducted in the factory. Six goats were found tied up inside, out of which three goats had succumbed to the fire. When the three surviving goats were found safe, they were taken out. So far, no definite cause of the fire has been identified. No other casualties were reported in the fire.

Fire erupted at the service station of Patel Travels located on Sanathal-Bavla Road in the city. Upon receiving information, two fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene. Various items at the service station were engulfed in flames. The fire brigade team continuously used water to bring the fire under control. The primary cause of the fire at Patel Travels’ service station is believed to be a short circuit. No casualties were reported in the fire.

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