Vistara Cancels Over 38 Flights Today Due to Pilot Shortage

Facing the impact of pilot shortages, an airline operator has decided to cancel more than 38 flights today. Among these cancellations, 15 flights from Mumbai, 12 from Delhi, and 11 from Bangalore are affected. The company had canceled nearly 50 flights yesterday, April 1st. During this period, a total of 160 flights had been disrupted.

In response to this situation, the company has opted to reduce flights. According to a statement issued by the airline, until the pilot shortage is resolved, only limited flights will be operated. Passengers affected by the canceled flights will also be eligible for refunds.

Due to recent disruptions and numerous flight cancellations in the past few days, we acknowledge the inconvenience caused to our passengers. We understand the frustration this may have caused. Our team is actively working to address these issues. Therefore, we have made the decision to reduce the number of flights to ensure better connectivity in our network.

Unique Features of B787-9 Dreamliner and A321neo on Domestic Routes

The airline has announced that it will operate large aircraft such as the B787-9 Dreamliner and A321neo on domestic routes, allowing a significant number of passengers to fly at once. The spokesperson stated that customers will also be offered refunds according to the rules along with alternative flight options.

SpaceJet Reduces Weekly Flight Operations by 26%

The airline company SpaceJet, facing financial constraints, has decided to reduce its weekly flight operations by 26% in the upcoming summer schedule. According to the company’s statement, difficulties have arisen in increasing flight operations due to pilot shortages and increased aircraft leasing costs.

Summer Schedule for 2024

The summer schedule for 2024 will commence from March 31st and conclude on October 26th. During this period, the airline will operate only 1,657 flights out of the scheduled 2,240 flights as per the current timetable. Previously, for the summer schedule of 2023, the company had applied for 2,132 scheduled flights, representing a decrease of approximately 30% compared to the same period in 2022.

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