25 crore insurance of 14 garba organizers, VNF constructs 12-foot road around ground

  • Special arrangements have been made on Garba grounds for the safety of the players. 
  • Emergency exits have been set up for quick evacuation in case of accidents, and ambulances can easily access the area.
  • For this purpose, the Navlakhi Garba ground has prepared the road with asphalt.

In accordance with state government guidelines, 14 garba organizers in the city have taken proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of participants during the Navratri festival. They have arranged for ambulances and teams of doctors to be present at their garba grounds. Additionally, these organizers have collectively secured insurance coverage of over Rs. 25 crore to protect the players, with contributions of Rs. 5 crore each from United Way and VNF.

To accommodate a larger number of participants this year, the Kredai Vadodara Navratri festival has expanded the garba grounds by 7 feet on each side, allowing up to 45 thousand players to dance simultaneously. Furthermore, a 12-foot asphalt road has been constructed around the grounds to ensure a safe evacuation route in case of unexpected incidents, accessible for ambulances and fire brigade vehicles.

The organizers are working tirelessly day and night to prepare the garba grounds, with soil being brought in from Padmala to level the surface. This year, United Way has grown grass to prevent any injuries caused by stones or pebbles during the festivities.

Considering the increased incidence of heart attacks among young people following the COVID-19 pandemic, various garba organizers have placed a strong emphasis on health and safety. Mini hospitals and ambulances will be readily available on the grounds, and individuals trained in CPR will be present to respond to any medical emergencies that may arise during the event.

Fire NOC Applications Submitted by 17 Organizers, Fire Extinguishers Mandatory for Even Small Garba Events

Vadodara | Following the directives of the Fire Brigade, even organizers of smaller Navratri events, like Nana Garba, have been advised to have fire extinguishers on site. According to CFPO Parth Brahmbhatt, 17 such Navratri event organizers have submitted applications for Fire NOCs. Notably, Vadodara witnesses one of the largest turnouts for Garba events, with over 25,000 participants in major Garba celebrations. In light of these circumstances, the Fire Brigade has taken strict measures to enforce safety regulations and prevent any unforeseen accidents.

Medical Kits for Children’s Garba Events, Ambulance on Standby

On June Padra Road in Baroda, the Vadodara Citizens Council has arranged for medical kits and a medical team with an ambulance stationed nearby for children’s Garba events. This initiative, as explained by Mamta Singh, ensures that medical assistance is readily available in case of any health emergencies during the Garba festivities.

The main Garba organizers have insured the following amounts:

  1. United Way: ~5 crore
  2. Vadodara Navratri Festival: ~5 crore
  3. Heritage Garba: ~4 crore
  4. Karelibagh Sports and Cultural Association: ~3 crore
  5. Sri Navshakti Garba Mahotsav: ~1 crore

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