Ahmedabad Footpath Dweller, 15, Commits Murder in Ice Cream Clash

In the Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad, a 15-year-old boy living in a slum area fatally stabbed a young man on the footpath. The incident occurred when the young boy from the slum went to the nearby road to buy ice cream for his younger brother. There, he asked the ice cream vendor for ice cream, and an argument ensued. The 15-year-old boy, who was accompanying the vendor, tried to explain to him. However, during the altercation, the slum boy stabbed the young man, resulting in his death. The police have apprehended the boy from the slum and are proceeding with further action.

The boy, just 15 years old, was sitting happily in a room at the Navrangpura police station when he had no idea that he would commit a murder later that night. He is currently 15 years old, but his future has now been marked by the stain of a police record for homicide. The 15-year-old boy was with his elder brother near the Ashram Road in Navrangpura when he wandered off to the ice cream stall on the sidewalk, where he spent 20 rupees to buy ice cream for his brother.

The incident occurred when the youth went to the ice cream stall near the Navrangpura police station, where he got into a heated argument with another person sitting there, demanding money. As tensions escalated, a nearby individual attempted to intervene. However, the situation quickly turned violent, and in the heat of the moment, the small-time vendor, mistrusting anyone nearby, took matters into his own hands. He attacked the youth, whom he had been trying to reason with, and fatally wounded him. The scene was filled with chaos as the youth succumbed to his injuries. The police have now apprehended the vendor and initiated legal proceedings against him. Given the involvement of a juvenile, actions are being taken under the Juvenile Act.

The elder brother of the deceased, Raju Dantani, lodged a complaint at the Navrangpura police station, stating that he received a call from his sister-in-law, Sarojben, informing him that his son Parth had called and said that he was being attacked by unknown boys. He further mentioned that he was taking Parth to the Civil Hospital. Raju immediately rushed to the Civil Hospital and found his wife in the emergency ward. At that time, his brother Jeetendra was brought in an ambulance by the emergency medical services. Along with him, Parth was also present, and upon examination by the doctors on duty, Jeetendra’s death was officially declared.

The deceased was found lying on the road with severe injuries. Upon questioning about this incident, Parth, who was present there, mentioned that he was at Rajwadi Chaani near National Chambers, close to Shital Ice Cream shop, working at the shop of Kiranbhai. During this time, around 9 o’clock, an unknown boy who was asking for ice cream at Shital Ice Cream shop started arguing with Jeetendrabhai, trying to explain to him. In the midst of this altercation, Jeetendrabhai slapped the boy, and a scuffle ensued on the road. Jeetendrabhai was severely injured. Meanwhile, when the ambulance arrived, they were taken to Civil Hospital for immediate medical attention.

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