Elderly Man Escapes Leopard Attack: Dhaniyavi Village, Vadodara Incident

In the early hours of today, a 75-year-old elderly man residing in Dhaniyavi village of Vadodara was busy with his morning chores. Suddenly, a leopard pounced on him, intending harm. Without losing his courage, the elderly man bravely struck the leopard on its forehead with his bare hands, startling the wild animal and enabling his escape. Subsequently, alarmed family members and locals rushed to his aid upon hearing his cries. The injured elderly man was promptly transported to the hospital via 108 ambulance services, where he is currently receiving medical care. His condition is stable, and medical attention is ongoing.

The leopard attacked the grandfather.

Encounter with Wildlife: Elderly Man Fends Off Leopard Attack in Vadodara’s Rural Landscape

In the rural expanses of Vadodara, encounters with aggressive wildlife occasionally transpire, with one such incident involving 75-year-old Pratapsinh Fatehsinh Chauhan recently. Last night, as he slept in his home’s courtyard, an unexpected attack unfolded. Suddenly, at around 3 a.m., a leopard pounced on the elderly man’s hand. Reacting with courage, Chauhan swiftly struck the animal’s forehead, causing it to retreat hastily.

Leopard pushed the grandfather down.

Pratapsinh Chauhan, the startled individual involved, recounted, “I was sewing late into the evening. At around 3 a.m., while my hand was outstretched, a sudden attack occurred. Leopard grabbed my hand and pushed me down forcefully. I managed to strike Leopard with my other hand and escape.” Subsequently, the commotion drew the attention of nearby children and villagers who rushed to the scene.

The leopard grabbed the grandfather's hand and threw it down.

Grandfather’s One Hand Was Exposed

Regarding the incident, family member Jaydeepsinh informed, “My grandfather lives here, and this incident occurred in Dhaniyavi village. It was late at night, and suddenly, a leopard attacked. Grandfather was sleeping in the courtyard when the leopard attacked him. One of grandfather’s hands was exposed, and he managed to strike the leopard on its forehead. Subsequently, the leopard fled, and we immediately rushed the startled grandfather to the hospital via 108 ambulance services. We have reported the matter to the forest department.”

Grandfather was injured and shifted to treatment.

Leopard Encroachment in Surrounding Areas

Regarding the incident, Range Forest Officer Karanraj Singh Rajput mentioned during a telephonic conversation that our forest department employees have escorted him to the hospital and are investigating the extent of injuries sustained and how the attack occurred. Currently, we are conducting site visits, and in the vicinity, we have observed previous instances of leopard encroachment. If deemed necessary, we will set up traps. At present, investigations are ongoing.

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