Income Tax Raids Uncover Rs 200 Crore Corruption Cash in Three States

The income tax department has seized more than ₹200 crores in a raid carried out on Wednesday at 10 locations in Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal by the Income Tax Department during the ongoing operation against the illegal activities led by Congress Rajya Sabha MP Dhiraj Sahu. The operation, targeting the business of Baldev Sahu and Group of Companies involved in liquor manufacturing, was also accompanied by the counting of notes on Thursday.

Income Tax Department Seizes ₹200 Crore in Raids on Liquor Business in Three States

The Income Tax Department has confiscated ₹200 crores from the premises of Baldev Sahu and Group of Companies, a liquor manufacturing company, located approximately 30 km from their office in Satpuda, Odisha. This marks one of the largest raids conducted in Jharkhand, Odisha, and Bengal. Baldev Sahu and Group of Companies is a major producer and distributor of alcohol in Western Orissa. The counting of notes is still ongoing, and the Income Tax Department suggests that the seized amount may exceed ₹200 crores.

157 Bags of Money Filled with Currency Notes Sent to State Bank

In the course of the income tax raid, the department had to purchase 157 bags to transport the seized money to the bank. The bags were filled with money in bundles and were sent to the bank for further processing. The counting of notes continues to be underway.

Sahu Family Members Included in Sahu Group

In the Baldev Sahu and Group of Companies, family members of Member of Parliament Dhiraj Sahu, including his sons Rajkishor Sahu, Swaraj Sahu, and other family members, are also involved. The business operations in Odisha are managed by Deepak Sahu and Sanjay Sahu.

Sahu Family Holds 40-Year Legacy in Liquor Business

Dhiraj Sahu’s family has a significant presence in the liquor business in Odisha, and the Baldev Sahu and Group of Companies have been involved in the domestic liquor trade for 40 years. The company, Budhhha Distillery Private Limited (BDPL), is a part of the Sahu Group. The company began its venture by producing and selling indigenous liquor in Odisha four decades ago. BDPL is also associated with Baldev Sahu Infra Private Limited (Fly Ash Bricks), Quality Bottlers Private Limited, and Kishor Prasad Vijay Prasad Beverages Private Limited (IEFL brand’s marketing and sales).

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