Suicide: 23-Year-Old Constable Falls from Mavdi Police HQ in Rajkot From 10th Floor

In Rajkot, another incident of accident has occurred. Police Constable Bhargav Borisagar, who serves in the Rajkot police headquarters, has allegedly jumped from the 10th floor of the building. Upon receiving the news, police staff rushed to the scene and initiated an investigation.

Civil Hospital Retrieves Body

According to available information, a young constable named Bhargav Borisagar (23) allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of the building in the Rajkot police department headquarters. Upon learning about the incident, local police as well as people in the vicinity and police families gathered together. Necessary procedures are being carried out by the police, and the body is being taken to the civil hospital for post-mortem.

Family Unaware of Accident’s Cause

Family members are unaware of the reasons behind the accident that the police constable has been involved in today. Due to no apparent strong reasons known to the family, the police are conducting further investigations. It is noteworthy that the 23-year-old intriguing young man, for inexplicable reasons, committed the accident, leaving an atmosphere of mourning in the police family.

Niyati Rao

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