Junior Mahmood, 67, Passes Away Battling Abdominal Cancer: Veteran Actor Featured in 250+ Films

Once a beloved actor known for his comedic performances, Junior Mehmood has bid farewell to the world. The Bollywood actor passed away yesterday night at 2 AM in Mumbai. Junior Mehmood had been suffering from cancer for an extended period, and his health had deteriorated significantly. The final journey of the actor will commence today at 12 PM from his residence in Mumbai.

Actor Suffers from Cancer – Junior Mehmood’s Prolonged Battle

Junior Mehmood battled cancer for an extended period, primarily affecting his stomach. He received treatment for his illness at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Over the last two months, his health had been progressively worsening. Cancer had spread to his liver and lungs, with the presence of a lump in the abdominal cavity. In the end, despite receiving oxygen support, Junior Mehmood breathed his last during the late hours.

Film Producer Ashok Pandit Shares Insights on Junior Mehmood’s Final Journey

Ashok Pandit expressed deep sorrow upon learning about Junior Mehmood’s demise, stating it as a significant loss for the film industry. He extended heartfelt condolences to the actor’s family and loved ones. The actor’s final journey will commence today at 12 PM from his Mumbai residence.

Weight Loss Due to Illness – Junior Mehmood Sheds 20 Kilograms

According to an interview with Junior Mehmood’s brother, Salam Kazi, the actor suffered from cancer, leading to an increase in blood pressure and sugar levels. Consequently, he lost approximately 20 kilograms due to the illness.

Jitendra and Johnny Visit Mehmood for Liver Transplant

A few days ago, Jitendra and Johnny Lever visited Junior Mehmood at his Mumbai residence to discuss the possibility of a liver transplant. A video of their meeting became viral on social media, showing the frail condition of the 67-year-old actor. The meeting aimed at exploring options for Mehmood’s treatment.


Accomplished Marathi Film Director – Junior Mehmood’s Lesser-Known Contributions

Junior Mehmood, originally named Naeem Sayyed, was a versatile actor known for his comedic talent. Born on November 15, 1956, he acted in over 265 films in seven languages. He began his career as a child artist and later directed several Marathi films. In addition to his well-known works in Hindi films like ‘Brahmachari,’ ‘Mera Naam Joker,’ ‘Do Aur Do Paanch,’ and ‘Parvarish,’ he also contributed to Marathi cinema with his directorial ventures. In his later years, he also appeared in TV serials such as ‘Tenalirama’ and ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara.

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