Vadodara Banner Controversy – City Congress President’s Police Station Appearance; Asks – Why Silence on Boat Scandal?

On Harni Road in Vadodara city, a political confrontation has erupted between the BJP candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat and the state’s Chief Minister, along with the city’s Congress president. The controversy stemmed from banners erected by the city’s Congress president, openly opposing the developmental claims made by the BJP candidate. 

Today, the Congress president and his associates were summoned to the police station following a notice received regarding their presence at the venue. The Congress president clarified that the party has never indulged in blind opposition and stands firm in its dissent. Expressing his willingness to confront and continue the protest openly, he maintained that he is unfazed by the allegations related to the banner issue

However, the police have not summoned any BJP representatives responsible for the Harni incident, raising questions about the political game being played to intimidate the Congress.

Police alerted

Vadodara Lok Sabha Meeting Turns Into Center of Controversy

The Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting has become the epicenter of political heat as Ranjanben Bhatt’s name has been declared for the third time as the BJP candidate, sparking agitation within the political landscape of Vadodara city and district. 

Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, former national vice-president of the BJP Mahila Morcha, expressed dissatisfaction over the repeated nomination of Ranjanben, citing allegations of corruption against her. Following this, the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting transformed into a hub of discussion and controversy.

Congress workers reached the police station.

Tensions Flare as Banners Sparked Chaos in Vadodara

Just two days ago, chaos erupted near the Sangam crossroads on Harni Road in the city, where various societies witnessed heated tensions over banners against Ranjanben Bhatt, the BJP candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting. 

According to police reports, Congress workers, including Harish alias Hari Od, and Dhruvi Vasava, were found responsible for putting up the banners. They were taken into custody for violating the Model Code of Conduct, and interrogation was conducted regarding their actions.

Women activists also reached the police station.

Hari Od Questioned Over Banner Placement

Hari Od, known locally as Harish, was questioned regarding the placement of banners. He was found near the Sangam crossroads in Vadodara, where banners were put up. At the same time, tensions flared near Vadodara’s Vadsar Khiskoli Circle, with claims that Vadodara’s development had been neglected by the city’s administration. 

This incident stirred up controversy in the city’s political circles, with discussions revolving around the banner controversy throughout the day.

Police Issued Notices for Presence Regarding Banner Case

On the other side, the city police informed about the banner case, stating that Harish, also known as Hari Od, and Dhruvit Vasava had accepted the responsibility for putting up banners in the Sangam crossroads area. 

Based on their statements, it was revealed that they acted upon the suggestion of Rutvij Joshi, the city Congress president. Consequently, Rutvij Joshi was issued a notice to appear before the Varasia Police Station on March 22 for questioning regarding the matter.

Congress Leaders at Police Station

Congregation of Congress Leaders at Police Station

In response to the notice from the police, the city Congress president, Rutvij Joshi, arrived at the Varasia Police Station today at 11 o’clock. 

Accompanying him were several prominent Congress leaders and workers, including councilor Chandrakant Shrivastav, Congress leader Bhikhabhai Rabari, city Congress spokesperson Vishal Patel, councilors Pushpaben Vaghela, Harish Patel, along with numerous other leaders and activists from the Congress party.

Rutvij Joshi Demands End to BJP’s Pressure Tactics

Upon his arrival at the Varasia Police Station, city Congress president Rutvij Joshi asserted that the banners installed across the city are an attempt by the BJP to intimidate the Congress. He stated that these banners falsely accuse the Congress of misconduct, whereas there is no wrongdoing involved in putting up banners. 

Joshi emphasized that while the BJP seeks to suppress the Congress, their dreams will never come to fruition. He added that the BJP’s attempts to use such tactics will not intimidate the Congress, and they will continue to oppose wherever necessary.

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