Former Vadodara Mayor Jyotiben Pandya Suspended from BJP, Calls Press Conference After Party’s Abrupt Decision

BJP Suspends Jyotiben Pandya from All Positions

During a press conference held at 4:30 PM, which was initially scheduled for 5:00 PM, in the context of the nominated candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, Ranjan Bhatt, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made an immediate decision to suspend Jyotiben Pandya from all positions. Jyotiben Pandya, the National Vice President of BJP Women’s Wing and the party’s spokesperson for the Central Zone, has been suspended from all positions, including primary membership of the party. Jyotiben Pandya had previously served as the Mayor of Vadodara city.

Vadodara Meeting Ensures Safety, All Have Right to Contest

In response to the recent developments, Dr. Vijay Shah, the BJP city president, stated that Jyotiben Pandya has been suspended from the party. It is the responsibility of every party worker to receive accountability within the party. High command of the party has the right to make decisions. Nineteen workers had applied for candidature. People have expressed their dissatisfaction through social media, which we have conveyed to the party’s high command. The Vadodara meeting is safe, so everyone has the right to contest.

Reasons for Repeating the Vadodara Lok Sabha Meeting

The repeated selection of Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt as the candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting has caused significant dissatisfaction among both male and female members of the BJP. Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, the National Women’s Morcha vice president, expressed dissatisfaction during a morning meeting with the state BJP moving committee in Vadodara, following her failure to secure a ticket for the Vadodara meeting. She, along with all office bearers and primary members, was suspended. Subsequently, Dr. Jyotiben Pandya held a press conference and raised questions about the repeated selection of Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt in the BJP. Such questions were raised.

Concerns Regarding Repeated Nomination of Ranjanben Bhatt as the Candidate

Dr. Jyotiben Pandya has highlighted that she is highly educated compared to MP Ranjanben Bhatt. She has also emphasized her past role as the Mayor in the city’s development. The observation that Vadodara lags behind other cities in the state in terms of development is a matter of concern that should be addressed by the Chief Minister and the state BJP president. It raises questions about where the funds allocated for development in Vadodara are being utilized, given that they seem to be arriving at a slower pace compared to other cities.

There is no opposition to Ranjanben Bhatt personally, but rather dissatisfaction among party workers due to her repeated nominations. The question arises: why is it necessary to give Ranjanben Bhatt the ticket for the third time? I am not willing to resign. PM Modi remains my ideal. When I was the Mayor, I contributed to the city’s development. Currently, no decision has been made to switch parties.

Currently Undecided on Switching Parties

It has been reiterated that I have been working with the BJP for years. Whatever decisions will be made for the development of Vadodara in the future, I will be involved in them. At present, I have not made any decision to switch parties, but it is evident that I am capable of undertaking any necessary actions for the development of Vadodara.

Shock Over Ranjanben Bhatt’s Name Not Announced

It is noteworthy that during the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting, several prominent figures including the city BJP chief Dr. Vijay Shah, National Women’s Morcha Vice President and former Mayor Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, along with many other dignitaries, had filed nominations. There was also discussion within the city BJP that Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt would not be repeated and a new face would be introduced by the party. Ranjanben Bhatt’s name not being announced in the first publicly declared list of candidates for the Gujarat BJP raised speculation among city BJP members and political pundits. It was suspected that Ranjanben Bhatt would not be repeated, but when her name was publicly announced in the second list on Wednesday evening, it took everyone by surprise.

It was also reported that a significant number of disgruntled candidates had reached out to congratulate Ranjanben Bhatt despite their dissatisfaction. This came after a team of inspectors, deployed to sensitize the candidates before the announcement of nominations, received requests from many major candidates in Vadodara to demand new faces. However, the atmosphere in the Vadodara BJP turned tense as Ranjanben Bhatt was repeated for the third time during the city meeting. On the other hand, supporters of other MPs also visited her residence to extend their best wishes, indicating that despite their grievances, many disgruntled candidates also reached out to congratulate Ranjanben Bhatt.

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