AMC Inspector’s Assets Increase by 306%: High Court Orders Seizure of Sunil Rana’s Undisclosed Properties

Sunil Rana, who was working as a Class 2 Word Inspector in Shahpur, Ahmedabad, was accused of corruption by the ACB police. In this context, he had filed a petition in the Ahmedabad court, which was denied. Advocate Virat Popat then filed a fresh petition in the Gujarat High Court, which was heard by Justice J.C. Doshi’s court. The court noted that corruption reduces people’s trust in government institutions. Corruption hinders economic development and increases inequality in society. Therefore, corruption should be dealt with firmly.

ACB Claims to Have Recovered Rs. 2.75 Crore in Corruption Case

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) claims to have recovered Rs. 2.75 crore from the accused in the period from 2010 to 2020 by investigating their financial transactions, where the accused’s assets were found to be more than 306% of their income. The total amount recovered exceeds Rs. 2.75 crore, which the ACB attributes to corruption. The accused disclosed that a total of Rs. 1.03 crore was deposited into family accounts by his relatives through banks, which is declared white money in his income tax returns for 2014. Furthermore, he denies involvement with any government officials. The entire case is documented based on evidence seized by the ACB, hence granting the accused bail.

Employee’s Monthly Salary is Rs. 76,000

The government objected to the employee’s bail application, noting that the employee’s monthly salary is Rs. 76,600. After verification, it was found that a total of Rs. 2.75 crore was received. The source of Rs. 1.03 crore deposited into the employee’s family members’ bank accounts is unknown. There is no information available about this. After receiving Rs. 2.75 crore, the employee has received an additional Rs. 40 lakh from other sources.

Rana Illegally Acquires Benami Property

Even though Sunil Rana was a Class II officer, he abused his power and illegally acquired benami property, which tarnished the reputation of the Municipal Corporation. Consequently, he was suspended. Sunil Rana served as a word-inspector in the estate department in the Indrapuri ward in the South Zone.

Suspension of Corrupt Officials According to Sources

A month ago, the opposition Congress staged a protest outside the Municipal Commissioner’s office over rampant corruption in the estate department. As per sources, following the directive from Congress leader Shahezad Khan Pathan, Congress corporators and activists pushed for the suspension of corrupt officials. The Congress also submitted an application to the Municipal Commissioner.

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