Unlawful Construction: AMC Inspector Bribed, ACB Investigates Complaints

In the estate department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, it has been noted that word inspector Sunilkumar Rana, who was responsible for the duty, has been accused of possessing undeclared assets worth Rs. 2.75 crores by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). Similar irregular construction work without permission in the Lambia and Indrapuri wards of the southern zone has led to complaints against word inspector Sunilkumar Rana to the Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner. Currently, they were discharging duties as inspectors in the Indrapuri ward of the southern zone. They had already lodged a complaint regarding unauthorized construction work in three locations in their ward just a month ago.

Millions Embezzled in Collaboration with a Tax Evader

When Sunilkumar Rana was serving as the inspector in charge of the Lambha ward in the southern zone, he had placed a tenant. It has now come to light that they embezzled millions in collaboration with this tenant. Sunilkumar Rana used to lodge complaints or file applications against individuals engaged in unauthorized construction work. Based on this, Sunilkumar Rana would directly confront or inquire over the phone to extort money from these individuals. In 2019, a complaint regarding this matter was filed with Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra.

Numerous Complaints Registered in the Southern Zone

Sunilkumar Rana, who was serving as the word inspector in various wards-zones, had a tenant accompany him. Whenever Sunilkumar was the word inspector in the southern or eastern zones, complaints or applications would be made to the ACB or filed. Later, they would set up the entire deal over the phone with the tenant. Upon reaching an agreement with the tenant, various activities were conducted. Several complaints and applications have been lodged against Sunilkumar Rana in the southern zone.

Construction Work Not Halted by Tax Evaders

Sunilkumar Rana, the estate word inspector in the Indrapuri ward, was accused in a complaint filed on December 30, 2023, by the Deputy Estate Officer of the southern zone. It was stated in the complaint that if Sunilkumar Rana does not go to the person engaged in unauthorized construction work, their construction work remains untouched. Several individuals engaged in unauthorized construction work near Amaraiwadi, Swastik Nagar, plots of the Shakribaug party, Khodiyar Estate on Plot Road, and near Gate of Santoshinagar-1, all of whom were tax evaders, have not halted their construction work despite complaints made to safeguard the unauthorized construction work. If an investigation is conducted in this matter, shocking revelations may emerge.

Commissioner’s Office Review Meeting Had Comments

The estate department in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is considered the most luxurious department. The commissioner himself had to comment during a review meeting. If an investigation is conducted by the ACB into various officials and employees of the estate department, crores of rupees worth of undeclared assets of all officials may come to light. Not only the word inspectors but also the drivers of the estate department, who collect lakhs of rupees in bribes in the Shahpur ward of the central zone and in the eastern zone, have filed numerous complaints regarding tax evaders engaged in unauthorized construction work.

Congress Staged Protest Against Corruption

Yesterday, the opposition Congress staged a protest against corruption prevailing in the estate department by the Municipal Commissioner’s office. Opposition leader Shahzad Khan Pathan spearheaded the demand to suspend corrupt officials by Congress corporators and workers. Sources revealed that numerous high-level inquiries were initiated by the Congress to remove corrupt officers and employees of the estate department, which is the most corrupt department. Therefore, all officials and employees of the estate department should be investigated. Any official or employee of the estate department should not be protected by the BJP ruling party.

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