Navsari Murder Mystery Unveiled: 5 Crore Deal for Friend’s Death Resurfaces, Murdered with Sword

A story of revenge unfolds with the murder of a brother. It all began on March 8, 2021, a Monday. Nimesh Patel, residing in the Antaliya village of Gandevi Taluka and working as a welder, had a heated altercation with some youths during a festival, leading to a confrontation. Later that night, Manoj, also known as Pado, a youth from the same village, called Nimesh Patel and urged him to join a gathering, stating, “If you have courage and want to be a true man, come to Billimora’s third lane today. We all have decided that we will settle this matter today.” Concerned about potential harm to his father, Nimesh hesitated but eventually ventured out to the third lane. He found himself on the side road, where a heated argument ensued. Nimesh was later found lying on the roadside, fatally injured. He urged his father to take him to the hospital, but his father, fearing further trouble, insisted on heading to the third lane instead. Unfortunately, Nimesh succumbed to his injuries during the journey.

Pursuit of Justice

Following Nimesh Patel’s tragic death, his brother Kalpesh Patel was determined to seek justice. He devised a robust plan to avenge his brother’s murder. Offering a reward of five crore, he set a deadline for the apprehension of the physical assailant. The incident raised questions about who would receive the reward, why the case remained unsolved for eight months, and the specifics of how the retribution unfolded. To answer these questions, Divya Bhaskar conducted an interview with the SP Sushil Agrawal from Navsari.

Family Reunion Turned Nightmare

Seetaben Ganpatbhai Koli, a 50-year-old woman living in Chhapra village of Gandevi Taluka, engages in animal husbandry. Her husband, Ganpatbhai Patel, works at a private company in Amalsad, and they have a daughter and two sons. The eldest daughter, 33 years old, is married, while the younger son Dhruval, 27, works at a private company in Amalsad. Seetaben’s family faced a traumatic incident when Dhruval went missing after returning home one night.

Bhavu’s Journey Home and a Day Lost

Bhavu, known as Seetaben’s son Bhavu, faces numerous charges of violence filed at different police stations in Navsari district. A court order restrained his entry into the Navsari district for his involvement in crimes. Bhavu, who did not live in Chhapra village where his parents resided, started coming home occasionally over the past four months. On April 6, 2023, around 11 AM, he visited his mother in search of his family. He stayed for some time and left in the morning. Later that day, Seetaben and her son Dhruval tried to contact Bhavu, but their attempts were in vain. Consequently, on April 7, 2023, Seetaben went to meet Bhavu, who was staying with his friends. During an argument around 4:30 PM, Dhruval told Seetaben that Bhavu’s phone was not reachable. Seetaben attempted to contact Bhavu on the phone but couldn’t establish a connection. Subsequently, Seetaben and her brother searched for Bhavu in various places but failed to find any trace of him.

Admission of Maternal Mistake by Daughter’s Friend Turns Out to be Fatal

Seetaben Patel interrogated everyone about the physical incident, and during the conversation, it was revealed that her daughter’s friend Harsh, alias Sikandar, had confronted her son in Sikandar’s room. Seetaben asked Sikandar if he had come there physically, to which Harsh replied that on the evening of April 6, 2023, he had indeed visited physically and stayed until the early hours of April 7. Seetaben initially believed him but later became suspicious, leading her to investigate further. Failing to find any physical evidence, Seetaben’s family reported the disappearance of Sikandar to the Bilimora Police Station on April 18, 2023.

Ghostly Backdrop of a Physical Murder

In 2021, Bilimora witnessed an internal feud involving Nimesh Patel, the brother of the former village sarpanch. Nimesh, along with others, was accused of murdering his brother during this feud, including allegations of the involvement of the supernatural. The main accused in the murder, Nimesh, was released on bail in January 2023 due to lack of evidence. However, instead of fading away, the supernatural accusations persisted even after the murder, causing distress to Nimesh and his friends, including Harsh alias Sikandar. When Harsh finally revealed this information, it triggered a mental breakdown for Nimesh and led to him taking his own life.

Contemplating Change after Emerging from the Supernatural Shadows

On the other side, Kalpesh Patel, the son of the former female sarpanch of the same village, learned about Nimesh’s murder on supernatural grounds. Kalpesh, driven by a desire to avenge his brother, consistently contemplated taking supernatural revenge. After thorough investigation and learning that Harsh and his friends were the only ones with knowledge of supernatural matters, Kalpesh approached Harsh and offered him a deal of five million rupees to use supernatural powers to harm his enemies. Harsh agreed, and the deal was sealed. Kalpesh, driven by a desire for revenge, orchestrated the supernatural murder, but the plan took a dark turn when Harsh experienced mental torture.

Party Organized to Celebrate the Murder of a Friend

After successfully negotiating the deal of five million rupees, Harsh began planning events to enjoy his newfound wealth. Harsh organized a party in his room, and whenever he wanted to celebrate or relax, he would call Seetaben to his room. Seetaben was unaware of Harsh’s involvement in supernatural activities and attended the party at Devkrupa’s apartment near Ganadevi Crossroads on the night of April 6, 2023.

Friend’s Murder Leads to a Lavish Party

After conducting a financial audit of Harsh’s life for five million rupees, he started implementing his plans. Harsh invited people to party in his room, especially on nights when Seetaben came to visit him. To avoid any suspicion, he would invite Seetaben to his room whenever he wanted to celebrate, ensuring a festive atmosphere. On the night of April 6, 2023, Harsh organized a party in an apartment near Ganadevi Crossroads, attracting people with the promise of a lavish celebration.

Beyond the Supernatural Realm, Time Passed without Disturbance

Despite their fears of supernatural consequences, the individuals involved continued to enjoy life because the supernatural realm had not disturbed them. Since they were not actively pursuing the murder plan, the fear of failure and its consequences had subsided. Harsh and his friends continued to have video calls with different people as a way to pass the time, living their lives without interference from the supernatural forces they once feared.

Encounter with the Supernatural – Two Friends Embrace the Otherworldly

Harsh, Manish, and Adarsh were inseparable. On the morning of April 7, 2023, an otherworldly incident occurred in the vicinity while they were having a casual conversation. Following Harsh and Adarsh’s plan, they found themselves standing near the door of Guddu’s room when he suggested remaining still to see if anyone would come. Before they could execute their plan, an ethereal force shattered their physical forms. Faced with the challenge of awakening and protecting themselves from the paranormal, they were initially overwhelmed. However, Harsh and Adarsh were soon presented with a sight worth 5 crores, making them reconsider their fear. Now, instead of resorting to physical struggle, they wielded a metaphysical sword against the unearthly entity, making a remarkable stand.

After committing the act, the three accused fled, attempting to erase all evidence. As the first step, they meticulously cleaned and sanitized the crime scene, eliminating any trace. The trio then moved to dispose of all proof, starting with the nails and the dirt on the grounds. Following the murder, they met, devising a foolproof plan to obliterate all evidence. Their first task was to meticulously remove the body parts covered in Harsh and Adarsh’s blood and Durga’s ashes. Attempting to cleanse themselves from the supernatural realm before anyone could notice, they successfully concealed the crime.

Film Viewing After the Supernatural Crime

Following the murder of a friend, Harsh, Manish, and Adarsh found solace in watching a movie three days later. Post the film, all the accused initiated a second foolproof plan to extract the corpse for disposal.

Handling the Corpse – The Critical Steps

Upon entering Manish’s room, the corpse of the supernatural being was carefully packed in a plastic bag. Subsequently, anything that could serve as evidence was diligently disposed of, including the utensils that could be traced back to the murder scene. On the night of April 7, 2023, the accused gathered to obliterate all evidence and resorted to meticulous cleaning, unearthing a series of events that exposed their involvement in the crime.

Confronting the Corpse – An Unexpected Encounter

Planning to bury the corpse, the trio reached an open area close to the railway line according to their plan. Beforehand, Harsh, along with two others, had already dug a pit at the site where the corpse was to be buried. However, as they approached, Harsh’s conscience compelled him to confess to the gruesome murder, turning the situation around. As Harsh was interrogated rigorously by the police, he revealed the location where he buried the supernatural being. The police, forensic science laboratory (FSL) team, and a witness gathered to exhume the corpse. In the process, they found the supernatural being’s belongings and a plate embedded with mystical symbols.

A Twist in the Tale – Revealing the Secrets

Months after the incident, a informant approached Navsari district police superintendent Sushil Agarwal with crucial information. Agarwal, who had lost track of the case, learned about the murder of the supernatural being. Investigating the matter further, the police initiated technical investigations, including phone calls, to gather information. The information provided by the informant led them to believe that Harsh might be involved in the supernatural being’s murder. Acting on this information, the police conducted a surprise search at the location disclosed by the informant, revealing the burial site of the corpse.

What Lies Beneath – Uncovering the Truth

Harsh, having confessed, guided the police to the location where the corpse was buried. As the police unearthed the body, they discovered Harsh’s mother’s identification plate and a plate with supernatural symbols. Harsh’s mother confirmed that the unearthed items belonged to the supernatural being. During the excavation, a plate with symbols was found on Harsh’s back, indicating a connection with the unearthly realm. As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that Harsh and his two friends had murdered the supernatural being during a spiritual gathering, leading to their arrest. Despite offering a bribe of 5 crores initially, the accused ultimately settled for a sum of 9 lakhs to conclude the case. The intricate web of events unfolded like a cinematic narrative, exposing the supernatural tale behind the murder.

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