SIT Forms to Probe Kheda Syrup Scandal as Congress Questions Police Efforts; BJP Suspends Kishor Sodha

The case of the five deaths due to syrup in Kheda has become a topic of discussion across the state. In response to this, the Kheda district police has formed an SIT (Special Investigation Team) to investigate the matter, consisting of four officers. On the other hand, the district Congress has approached the police with legal action. Kishor Sodha, who was the vice-president of the Nadiad taluka organization in the BJP, has been suspended by the party.

Inclusion of Four Officers in SIT

The syrup scandal, which took place in Bilodara village in Nadiad, has resulted in a statewide uproar. Now, Kheda police is forming an SIT to investigate the case rigorously. The SIT includes four police officers, with V.A. Bajpai, the DySP of Nadiad division, appointed as the head of SIT, along with SOG and PI of Nadiad Rural Police Station and PSI of Mahemdavad.

Accused Linked with BJP Removed from Position

The BJP has removed Kishor Sodha from his position immediately after allegations were made against him. Sodha, who was the vice-president of the Nadiad taluka organization in the BJP, has been suspended by the party.

Possibility of Riots and Killings in the Future: J.G. Talati

J.G. Talati of the Kheda district Congress committee and legal cell has stated that the syrup involved in this case is found to be methyl alcohol, a dangerous substance. Questions have been raised about its origin and how it was mixed. Investigation is needed to determine if it was mixed with pinara later. Talati suggests that incidents like these could lead to future riots and killings.

Only Responsible Individuals, not Vendors, can be Held Accountable: District Congress

The district Congress legal cell has appealed to higher authorities for an investigation. In the appeal, it is mentioned that the incident in Bilodara village in Nadiad taluka and Bagodara in Mahudha taluka on November 29, 2023, where five young individuals lost their lives due to drinking this syrup, is alarming. The cell emphasizes that only those who manufacture the syrup can be held accountable, and it is necessary to thoroughly investigate those responsible for making it, including officials from the Food and Drugs Department, health officers, police officers, and local administrative officers.

Police Continues Efforts to Uncover the Truth: District Congress

J.G. Talati, the head of the district Congress legal cell, has made a more detailed appeal, stating that despite the long time taken to create the report, the police has not submitted a complaint again and has only tried to uncover the truth by arresting three individuals. It is clear from this that the police has been unsuccessful in investigating the case properly. The DSP office’s higher authorities have requested a thorough investigation to be conducted before taking action against the responsible parties.

Health Department Action

After this incident, the Health Department has issued notices to two hospitals in the district for negligence in action. The Mahagujarat Hospital in Nadiad and the Ved Hospital in Mehsana have been served notices by the Health Department for not informing the police about the incident and have been instructed not to engage in such negligence in the future.

Police Operation in Action

Officials from all police stations in Kheda district are actively searching for liquor bottles in their jurisdiction. Various police stations in the district have seized bottles of intoxicating syrup during the search operation. Vadatal police seized 61 bottles, and Mahemdavad police found 69 suspicious bottles of Ayurvedic syrup at three different locations. Kathlal police confiscated 49 bottles of Ayurvedic syrup and also conducted raids in local pan parlors and general stores.

Filing Complaints of More than 40 Prohibition Offenses in the Last 24 Hours

Concerning the syrup case, the police force has intensified the prohibition enforcement in the district. In the last 24 hours, complaints have been filed for more than 40 prohibition offenses at various police stations, including Nadiad, Mehsana, Dakor, Chaklasi, Thasra, Kapadvanj, Kapadvanj Gramya, Mahudha, Nadiad Gramya, Nadiad Town, Matari Vadatal, Vaso, Sevaliya, Limbasi, and others. Legal actions are being taken by the police to address these violations.

What Was the Case?

In Bilodara and Bagadu villages of Kheda district, the police were seen running towards the death of five people within two days. On Wednesday evening, the incident was understood to be serious, and the police reached Bilodara and Bagadu villages from the night itself. Ayurvedic syrup vendor Kishan Sodha of Bilodara, along with three other suspects, was caught with 61 bottles by Vadatal police. The Mahemdavad police seized 69 Ayurvedic syrup bottles from three different locations. Kathlal police confiscated 49 bottles of suspicious Ayurvedic syrup, which were quickly reported from pan parlors and general stores. Legal proceedings are underway by the police.

Among the deceased are one from Vadadla, one from Bagadu, and three residents of Bilodara village

Among the five individuals who died, 27-year-old Mitesh Chauhan from Vadadla is a resident, who died on November 27 at Alpesh Sodha’s house in Bagadu village during a ritual moment. After the late-night cremation, his health deteriorated, and he died before reaching the hospital on November 29. The post-mortem report will reveal the true cause of death after the autopsy.

Father of Syrup Seller Also Affected

On Thursday, S.P. Rajesh Gadhia informed that the father of businessman Kishan, Sankalbhai Sodha, also suffered from the Ayurvedic syrup. As soon as the police became aware of this matter, they immediately transferred Sankalbhai to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for treatment and obtained a blood sample report, which revealed the presence of Methyl Alcohol, not Ethyl Alcohol.

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