Rajkot’s Koli Youth Death Sparks Public Outcry; Leaders Bavaliya and Purushottam Expected in Solanki Case

The lifeless body of a youth, missing for two days, has been found in the expansive area of Kuwadva Police limits, leading to widespread speculation and concern. Identified as Ghanshyam Mer, a resident near the Maliyasan Gondal Bypass, the incident triggered a surge in admissions to the civil hospital, primarily comprising members of the Koli community. The gravity of the situation prompted the police to file a serious charge of negligence and initiated immediate investigation. In the absence of justice, there were even murmurs of a potential uprising, spearheaded by the Koli community leaders Kuntalji Bavaliya and Purushottambhai Solanki from Rajkot.

Deceased’s Father, a Social Worker, Holds No Enmity with Anyone

Bhupat Dabhi, the leading figure of the Koli community, stated that the deceased’s father, Chhaganbhai Mer, is a dedicated social worker with no known adversaries. Dabhi emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the recent incident involving the youth’s demise. All members of the Koli community have united in this endeavor, with leaders like Kunvarji Bavaliya and Purushottambhai Solanki leading the way.

Police Responds with Swift Action

Kalpeshbhai Sakariya from the Koli community mentioned that when the son went missing, they promptly informed the police. The police responded by conducting an immediate investigation within two to four days, assuring quick action. Sakariya insisted that if the police had initiated the investigation sooner, their son might still be alive today. This sentiment underscores the community’s demand for a swift and accountable response in handling the case.

Two Phones Found with the Deceased, One SIM Card Missing

It’s noteworthy that the police from Kuwadva conducted a forensic post-mortem at the Civil Hospital, focusing on immediate examination to swiftly address the concerns of the accused. The 32-year-old Ghanshyam Chhaganbhai Mer was found dead at his residence on Wednesday night. Investigations revealed that the deceased had two phones, and one SIM card was missing, raising concerns about the possibility of foul play.

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