Israel Retaliatory Strike Claims 400 Hamas Soldiers: India Evacuates Students, 11 Thai Nationals Held

The war between Hamas and Israel that started on Saturday continues into the next day. Israel has said that 30 of its soldiers were killed in Sunday’s fighting. At the same time, Israel’s Defense Ministry has said that 400 Hamas soldiers have been killed and many more captured in their operations so far. On the other hand, the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah also launched a mortar attack on Israel on Sunday morning. The Indian government has assured to evacuate its students from Israel, on the other hand, Hamas has taken 11 citizens of Thailand hostage.

Escalation Continues: Israel Strikes Lebanon, Hamas Fires 5,000 Rockets, and Casualty Toll Reaches 350

In response, Israel has launched airstrikes on Lebanon. Hamas attacked Israel with 5 thousand rockets on October 7. On the second day of the war, 350 people have been killed, including the commander of the Israel Defense Force Nahal Brigade stationed on the Gaza border. 313 Palestinians have also been killed in the war. 1,864 people were injured in Israel and more than 1,700 in Palestine. Hamas has also fired rockets at Ashkelon Hospital in Israel.

Hamas Holds Over 200 Israelis Hostage, Mostly Women and Children, IDF Reports

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Jonathan Conricus has released a video alleging that Hamas soldiers have taken more than 200 Israelis hostage. Most of them are women and children. This number can also increase. He said – Hamas must have killed many women and children. We have no concrete information about this. Efforts are being made to save them.

Viral Videos Show Hamas Forcibly Transporting Israeli Hostages, Some Rescued, BBC Reports

However, several videos are going viral on social media in which Hamas soldiers are seen forcibly transporting Israeli citizens into vehicles. However, the BBC cited local media reports as saying that some of the hostages had been rescued.

On October 7, Hamas Launched 5,000 Rockets at Israel, Resulting in 1,864 Injuries in Israel and Over 1,700 in Palestine. Israel Responded by Targeting 17 Military Compounds and 4 Military Headquarters in Gaza Strip.

India Suspends Flights, Issues Advisory Amid Israel Crisis

Amid the worsening situation in Israel, the Indian Embassy has issued an advisory for its citizens present there. They are asked to be alert and safe. Apart from this, flights from Israel and India have also been stopped. Prime Minister Modi has said that India is with the people of Israel in difficult times.

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