Vadodara: Drunk Hotel Cook Attempts Baby Strangling – Crowd Intervenes, Handed to Police

In a late-night incident in Sevasi village near Vadodara, chaos ensued when individuals associated with the Paliya community allegedly created a disturbance, purportedly attempting to harm a young child. Swift police intervention resulted in the apprehension and subsequent investigation of the accused, leading to the revelation that he was under the influence of alcohol and employed as a cook in a local hotel. Authorities have since registered a case related to prohibition against the accused and are actively pursuing legal measures.

Prompt Community Action Leads to Detainment of Alleged Child Endangerment Suspect in Sevasi Village

In Sevasi village, near Vadodara, a notable incident unfolded when the family of a child residing in Gayatri Kripa Society raised an alarm, alleging that an inebriated individual had attempted to harm their child. The accused, identified as a resident of Paliya, was apprehended by the concerned family and local residents, subsequently being handed over to the Taluka Police.

The disturbance arose when the cousin of the child, who was playing near their residence in the evening, noticed a stranger attempting to take the child by the mouth. Acting swiftly, the cousin intervened and managed to free the child from the stranger’s grasp. The commotion drew the attention of family members and other residents, prompting their immediate response to the situation.

In a commendable display of collective action, the family and people of Paliya took decisive steps to detain the individual responsible for the alleged child endangerment. The accused was promptly handed over to the Taluka Police for further investigation and legal proceedings.

The involvement of law enforcement was swift, with the cousins and concerned parties ensuring the accused’s delivery to the Sevasi police station. This cooperative effort underscores the importance of community vigilance and collaboration in addressing potential threats to the safety of residents.

As the investigation unfolds, the Taluka Police will thoroughly examine the details surrounding the incident, including statements from witnesses and any available evidence. The incident serves as a testament to the significance of community involvement in maintaining public safety and highlights the effectiveness of prompt action in averting potential harm.

Investigation Reveals Culprit’s Employment as a Cook: Sevasi Village Incident

In the aftermath of the disturbance in Sevasi village, it has been revealed that the accused individual, apprehended for the alleged attempt to harm a child, had recently arrived in the region for employment as a cook. The unfolding events transpired late in the evening when the child’s family, along with the accused’s relatives and members of the Paliya community, presented themselves at the Sevasi police post for further inquiry.

The arrested individual, identified as Tulsiram Narbahadur Adhikari, aged 34, had come to Gujarat from Bengal just two days prior to the incident. His purpose was to assume the role of a cook at a recently established hotel in close proximity to Sevasi.

Chakchar in the village

Clarification by Taluka Police: No Attempt to Harm Child, Drunkenness Case Registered

Following an initial report of a disturbance, PSI J.U. Gohil of the Taluka Police Station has clarified that there was no incident of an attempt to harm the child in Sevasi village. The situation, as described by the police officer, involved a man named Tulsiram who was found to be intoxicated and standing in proximity to the child. The misunderstanding that ensued among family members and residents of Paliya has led to the registration of a prohibition case against the arrested individual.

In addressing the matter, PSI J.U. Gohil emphasized that the reported incident did not involve any malicious intent towards the child. Instead, Tulsiram, who had consumed alcohol, was observed near the child, leading to a misinterpretation of the situation.

Alleged Incident of Child Endangerment Disputed; Investigation Reveals No Criminal Past

In the wake of a reported incident in Sevasi village, where the family and residents of Paliya alleged a potential act against nature involving a drunken individual attempting to take a child, an investigation has taken place to discern the details surrounding the event. Contrary to the initial claims, the police have found no criminal past associated with the accused individual, who was accused of trying to pick up the child by pressing its mouth.

The family and people of Paliya contended that the child was saved from a potential act against nature when the cousin and Paliya residents intervened, preventing the accused person from succeeding in his actions. The accused, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, had attempted to take the child by pressing its mouth, sparking concerns about the nature of the act.

To address the situation comprehensively, the police called in the hotel staff, including the manager, for questioning and investigation. Despite the serious nature of the allegations, no criminal history was uncovered in relation to the accused individual, further complicating the understanding of the incident.


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