Brave Mom: Pushups with Indian Soldier in -16°C Kashmir | Watch Inspiring Fitness in Extreme Cold

In a noteworthy display of strength and camaraderie, Neha Bangia, a fitness coach, and mother of two, recently took to Instagram to share a video showcasing her engagement in push-ups with an Indian Army soldier amidst the chilling -16°C temperatures in Kashmir. Known as @ThatFitMum on Instagram, Bangia, also a content creator, accompanied the video with a spirited caption: “Make some noise for the desi boys!” The footage has swiftly gained traction on social media platforms, earning the duo widespread admiration and recognition as a source of inspiration.

During a vacation in Kashmir, Neha Bangia, a fitness coach and mother of two, found herself in an unexpected and inspiring collaboration. While filming a workout video for her Instagram, Bangia was approached by an Indian Army soldier who expressed his interest in joining her routine. In her caption, Bangia acknowledged the honor of the soldier’s participation, emphasizing the humbling experience of exercising alongside a member of the armed forces. She graciously acknowledged the soldier’s prowess, stating, “Obviously, I can’t beat a fauji bhai in pushups.”

Neha Bangia’s Impressive Push-Up Collaboration with Indian Soldier Amidst Challenging Conditions

In a striking display of physical prowess and camaraderie, Neha Bangia recently engaged in a series of push-ups with an Indian Army soldier. The Instagram video captures not only the soldier’s undeniable excellence in the exercise but also showcases Bangia’s formidable form and strength, presenting a compelling narrative of mutual determination. In her caption, Bangia expressed the thrill of performing push-ups in the challenging -16°C temperatures and acknowledged the soldier’s enduring commitment in harsh conditions, stating, “Where it’s extremely difficult for us to spend just a few days out there in that brass monkey weather, they stay there all year round and they do it all happily.”

Neha Bangia Breaks Gender Norms with Push-Up Video in Collaboration with Indian Soldier

In a notable departure from traditional gender norms, Neha Bangia recently shared a push-up video featuring an Indian Army soldier on Instagram. The video not only showcases the physical prowess of both participants but also sheds light on the soldier’s perspective. Bangia revealed in her caption that the soldier, standing behind her during the video, remarked, “We have never seen a woman do pushups here. We work out here every day because it is the best way to beat the cold.”

Neha Bangia’s Endurance: Joined by Second Soldier in Push-Up Workout Amidst Challenging Conditions

In a testament to her resilience, Neha Bangia, a fitness coach and mother, found herself joined by a second Indian Army soldier during her push-up workout in harsh conditions. Despite having already completed a considerable number of push-ups, Bangia welcomed the second soldier, pushing through the pain and discomfort to continue the session. She recounted the experience, stating, “Though my palms were chilled and my arms had already started giving up, it was indeed an honor for me.”

In a final note of admiration, Neha Bangia concluded her push-up session video by expressing profound respect for the Indian Army. As an ACE-certified fitness coach and NASM Certified Nutrition coach, her dedication to physical fitness is complemented by her personal connection to the armed forces, evident in her Instagram bio, which proudly declares her as a fauji wife – the wife of an army man. With a daughter and a son, Bangia’s multifaceted identity as a fitness professional, mother, and military spouse adds depth to her journey, emphasizing the importance of resilience, strength, and an unwavering commitment to both family and national service.


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