Surat: Two Lives Lost in Separate Incidents – Youth Pursuing Robber Hit by ST Bus, Class 11 Student Fatally Struck by Drunk City Bus Driver

Tragic Incidents with BRTS and City Buses Spark Outrage in Surat

Recent incidents of frequent accidents involving BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) and city buses in Surat have led to strong opposition from bus drivers against the stringent regulations introduced by the government. Today, another tragic event unfolded when a 11th-grade student lost his life while crossing the road near the Pandesara Welcome Pan bus stop. The unfortunate incident occurred when the student attempted to cross the road while a ST (Surat Transport) bus, operating on the BRTS route, hit him.

The incident took place when another ST bus, speeding in the opposite direction in the Bhimrad extension, struck a youth who was trying to dodge the BRTS bus. The youth succumbed to his injuries on the spot. Later, the deceased student’s family took him to the Civil Hospital where they reportedly created a ruckus.

Gaurav Bardoliya, the victim, was a student of R.S.M. Punawala Public Experimental School, and his family was devastated upon learning of the incident. When the parents arrived at the Civil Hospital, they expressed their grief and anger. The family blamed the reckless driving by the BRTS and ST bus drivers for their son’s tragic demise.

Driver Under the Influence Causes Fatal Accident in Surat

In a tragic incident near Pandesara Ashapuri Society, a fatal accident occurred involving a ST (Surat Transport) bus and a youth. According to Sunil Morawala, a relative of the deceased, the incident took place when the bus driver, allegedly under the influence, attempted to leave the bus after an accident.

The accident happened when bystanders tried to apprehend the driver, who was seen leaving the scene after the bus hit a youth in the Bhimrad extension. The driver was caught and restrained by people in the vicinity, and it has been revealed that he was in an inebriated state during the accident. The body of the victim, Gaurav Bardoliya, has been taken for post-mortem to Civil Hospital.

The deceased, a 23-year-old youth named Sagar Prakash Bahera, lived with his family in Siddharthnagar, a residential area in Bhimrad. Sagar’s family includes his parents, a younger brother, and a sister. The parents live in their hometown, while the younger brother stays in Surat. Sagar, employed in Lumsa, a company in Adisa, used to commute to work on his bicycle.

Yesterday, after finishing work, Sagar was returning home on his bicycle with a friend. In the Bhimrad extension, three men on a motorcycle tried to snatch his mobile phone. When Sagar resisted, the assailants assaulted him, resulting in a scuffle. The attackers managed to snatch Sagar’s mobile and fled the scene.

Mobile Snatching Incident Turns Fatal as Victim Chases Thieves

Siddharthnagar: A tragic incident unfolded near the BRTS route in Siddharthnagar when a victim of a mobile snatching attempt gave chase to the culprits. The victim, identified as Sagar, succumbed to injuries when he was hit by an ST (Surat Transport) bus during the pursuit. The incident caused a commotion as a large crowd gathered at the accident site.

It was reported that Sagar attempted to resist the theft of his mobile phone. In the ensuing scuffle, the thieves assaulted him and managed to snatch his phone. Undeterred, Sagar decided to chase them. Unfortunately, during the pursuit, he ran across the BRTS route, and a speeding ST bus hit him fatally.

The incident resulted in public outrage, with onlookers demanding swift action against the ST bus driver. Sagar’s family, grieving his untimely demise, has also appealed for justice. Three individuals involved in the mobile snatching attempt are now being sought by the police.

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