Decade-Long Scam: Morena’s Sham Registrar – Stolen Registries Fuelled Property Deception Since 2017

In a shocking revelation, it has been uncovered that a fraudulent registrar office operated surreptitiously in Morena for the past decade. The illicit operation commenced in 2017 with a theft from the legitimate registrar office, where numerous registers were pilfered.

The elaborate scheme came to light ten years later when the perpetrator orchestrated a fraudulent land deal. The accused, in an audacious move, sold the property of Omprakash Vaishya, a resident of Hanuman Chauraha in the city, to Usha Parmar of Vankhandi Road for a sum of Rs 5 lakh 80 thousand. Furthermore, the imposter altered the property’s name as part of the deceptive transaction.

Key Suspect Arrested: Bhupendra Bhadauria in Custody, Court Extends Police Remand

In a significant breakthrough, the police apprehended the prime suspect, Bhupendra Bhadauria, on January 11, marking a crucial development in the case. Following his arrest, the court, on Friday, granted police remand for Bhupendra Bhadauria until January 16, allowing investigators more time to delve into the intricate details of the fraudulent activities.

Mastermind Lakshmi Kulshrestha, also known as Sanju, remains at large and is currently a fugitive from the law. Sanju, identified as the mastermind, is implicated not only in the recent arrest but also in the 2017 theft from the registrar office. The duo’s modus operandi involved orchestrating property deals through the creation of duplicate registry copies.

Police investigations have unveiled a pattern in Sanju and Bhupendra’s approach. The duo systematically sought individuals seeking to purchase land at a discounted rate. Exploiting this opportunity, Sanju, operating in Morena, surreptitiously registered land belonging to individuals who were temporarily away from the city, all the while charging a minimal amount for the transaction.

Expanding Deceptive Practices: Exploiting Property Disputes for Illicit Gains

In a startling revelation, it has been discovered that both Bhupendra Bhadauria and the fugitive mastermind Lakshmi Kulshrestha, alias Sanju, extended their fraudulent activities by specifically targeting individuals entangled in property disputes. The modus operandi involved identifying those in conflict with property owners and facilitating the registration of their names for a nominal amount.

The perpetrators systematically sought out individuals embroiled in property-related disagreements, leveraging the disputes to their advantage. By reaching out to the adversaries of the rightful landowners, they orchestrated registrations in favor of the disputants, all while keeping the transaction amounts significantly low.

Further complicating the matter, Sanju was found to be operating the sham registrar office from a rented room within Bhupendra’s residence in Dixit Gali, Gopalpura. Notably, Sanju also maintains his own residence in Gopalpura. This intricate network adds layers to the ongoing investigation, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive probe to uncover the full extent of their deceptive practices.

Unraveling the Deceptive Web: Intricate Links to Registrar Office Fraud Uncovered

The police have raised serious suspicions regarding the intricate connections of the accused in the sham registrar office operation, particularly focusing on the activities orchestrated by Sanju Kulshrestha. Sanju’s involvement in the theft of registries became a pivotal point in his deceptive dealings, revealing a meticulously planned strategy to exploit property disputes.

Sanju, in his duplicitous role, initiated contact with adversaries of landowners, enticing them with the prospect of acquiring the targeted property or house. Upon reaching an agreement, the fraudulent process unfolded. Armed with stolen registries, Sanju ingeniously fabricated new documents by purchasing antiquated stamp papers from vendors. These documents featured counterfeit signatures and designations of the Registrar, along with fabricated photos of the property sellers, all dated back in time.

The clandestine addition of these fraudulent registries to the official records of the registrar office remained undetected for an extended period. Exploiting the manual nature of land registries before 2015, Sanju orchestrated the removal of genuine records from the Sub Registrar office, replacing them with meticulously crafted duplicates. Astonishingly, these false documents even found their way into the registers of the sub-registrar office, highlighting the audacity and success of the perpetrators in perpetrating their fraudulent scheme.

Simultaneously, Sanju engaged in typing land registries for individuals who had relocated outside the Morena district, selling their properties at discounted rates based on fabricated documents. To establish credibility, Sanju meticulously typed these fraudulent land registries, attempting to facilitate name transfers based on the spurious documentation.

The revelation of stolen registers from 2009 and 2014 within the accused’s office underscores the depth of the operation and the extent to which the perpetrators infiltrated official channels. As investigations continue, law enforcement authorities are diligently working to dismantle this complex network and hold all those involved accountable for their roles in perpetrating these fraudulent property transactions.

A fake registrar office was running in this house of Gopalpura in Morena city for the last 10 years.

Legacy of Deception: Unraveling the Roots of the Fraudulent Operation

The origins of the fraudulent registrar office in Morena trace back to a family connection, shedding light on the transition from legitimate document writing to illicit activities. The mastermind, Sanju Kulshrestha, inherited the craft of document writing from his elder brother, Ramveer Kulshrestha, who served as a document writer in Morena. Sanju, having apprenticed under his brother, acquired the skills of drafting genuine property registries.

Following the unfortunate demise of his brother, Sanju found himself at a crossroads, seeking alternative means of livelihood. It was during this juncture that he veered towards illicit activities, learning the art of preparing fake registries as a means to sustain himself financially. Determined to exploit the knowledge acquired from his late brother, Sanju embarked on a deceptive path by engaging in fraudulent practices.

To facilitate his newfound venture, Sanju secured a rented room within Bhupendra Bhadauria’s residence in Gopalpura. Collaboratively, they initiated the production of duplicate copies of manual registries dating back to the period before 2015, leveraging the manual nature of the records during that time. This partnership marked the inception of a clandestine operation that would persist undetected for an extended duration.

Unveiling the Deceptive Operation: Seized Registries Hold the Key to Unraveling the Scheme

In a significant development, 41 registries have been confiscated from the room housing the fraudulent registrar office in Morena, presenting a crucial breakthrough in the investigation. Tehsildar Kuldeepak Dubey revealed that all these registries were meticulously crafted with backdated entries, shedding light on the systematic nature of the fraudulent activities. Additionally, 25 counterfeit designation seals and a typewriter were among the items recovered from the location, providing further evidence of the elaborate scheme.

The recovered documents include thick paper reminiscent of the material used in old registries, emphasizing the perpetrators’ attention to detail in replicating authentic documents. ASP Dr. Arvind Thakur expressed skepticism about the involvement of only two individuals in this sophisticated operation, hinting at the possibility of more accomplices emerging as the investigation progresses. The complexity of the fraud raises concerns about potential involvement from within the registrar office, suggesting the need for a thorough examination of office personnel.

Shivam Chauhan, the in-charge of the Kotwali police station and the lead investigator, highlighted a significant revelation. The stolen registries and registers from the 2017 theft at the registrar office were among the recovered items in the sham office. This discovery establishes a clear link, affirming that the theft was meticulously planned to facilitate the fraudulent property transactions carried out by the accused.

Swift Action: Name Transfer Reversed, Investigations Handed Over to Police

In an expeditious response to fraudulent property transactions, the Tehsildar office has taken decisive action in two prominent cases, successfully reversing name transfers and initiating police involvement to address the deceptive activities.

Case-1: Om Prakash Vaishya’s Land Dispute

Upon discovering that the registry of survey number 1176/1, covering an area of 3375 square meters, had been unlawfully transferred to Usha Parmar of Vankhandi Road, Morena, Om Prakash Vaishya promptly approached the Tehsildar office. Expressing his objection and requesting cancellation of the unauthorized name transfer, Vaishya’s concerns prompted a thorough investigation by the Tehsildar. Delving into the matter, the Tehsildar uncovered the existence of a criminal gang engaged in fraudulent land deals through the creation of fake registries. Subsequently, the name transfer was promptly canceled, and the case has been handed over to the police for further investigation.

Case-2: Sanju Kulshrestha’s Deceptive Sale

In another case involving fraudulent activities orchestrated by Sanju Kulshrestha, the registrar office uncovered an illicit sale of survey numbers 841/02 and 842, comprising 0.382 hectares of land owned by Ajit, son of Murari Lal. Sanju purportedly sold this property to Pramod Singh Yadav and Ramlakhan Upadhyay for an amount totaling Rs 30 lakh 10 thousand. Following an objection to the unauthorized renaming, Tehsildar Kuldeepak Dubey swiftly intervened and canceled the name transfer. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Tehsildar has forwarded the case to the police for a comprehensive investigation.

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