Political Heat Rises in Gujarat’s Surat, Morbi, and Rajkot Over Gift City Matter; Umiyadham Leader Jeram Patel Faces Controversy

The employees and officials working in the Gift City, located in Gandhinagar, are now exempted from the liquor ban imposed by the state government’s prohibition and excise department. Geniben Thakor, a member of the legislative assembly, expressed her views on this decision, stating that they meet visitors in Gift City, providing liquor as a courtesy service. She emphasized that this decision was made to offer freedom to those meeting in the Gift City.

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (Gift City): Exemption from Liquor Ban

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (Gift City), situated in Gandhinagar, is India’s first smart city. Employees and officials working in Gift City, as well as authorized visitors, are now exempted from the liquor ban by the Gujarat government.

Criticism of Liquor Exemption: Geniben Thakor’s Statement

Geniben Thakor criticizes the state government’s decision, stating that allowing liquor consumption in Gift City, while restricting it elsewhere, is condemnable. She highlights the potential risks, such as increased crime, if people consume alcohol in Gift City.

Gujarat Government’s Decision to Tackle Prohibition Challenges

Raghavji Patel, the agriculture minister of Gujarat, announced yesterday that the government would consider providing exemptions on the sale of beer and wine in Gift City. He stated that the government is aware of the needs of Gift City and will evaluate the demands in Surat, Morbi, and Rajkot.

Raghavji Patel’s Decision for Development

Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel emphasized that the government’s decision-making process goes beyond revenue considerations. He stated that development involves continuous decision-making for the needs of Gift City and the state’s overall future.

Resignation of Sidisar Umiyadham’s Leader

Jayaram Patel, the prominent figure of Sidisar Umiyadham in Morbi, submitted his resignation on January 6, 2024. The resignation comes amid allegations of creating a fake toll booth scam. Jayaram Patel’s son, Amarshi Patel, was also involved in the case, leading to his resignation.

Viral Audio Clip and Controversy Surrounding Vaghasiya Toll Allegations

Amrishi Patel, associated with the legal implications of Vaghasiya Toll allegations, faces an explosive situation as discussions circulate on strategies to secure relief. A viral audio clip has surfaced, depicting the potential resolution of Amrishi Patel’s case involving fake toll charges. The discussion revolves around how Amrishi Patel might secure relief, featuring prominent figures such as Jagdish Kotadia, a close associate of Jayram Patel (father of Amrishi Patel), and Bharat Ladani. Jayram Patel holds a significant position as the chief of Sidhsar Umiyadham, while Jagdish Kotadia serves as the sub-chief in Umiyadham, both actively participating in phone conversations.

What’s in the Audio Clip?

The viral audio clip features a conversation between Jagdish Kotadia, the sub-chief of Umiyadham, and Bharat Ladani, the previous aide to Keshod, revealing a discussion about Amrishi Patel’s resignation demanded by Bharat Ladani. The controversy extends to organizing a gathering against him. In a conversation with Jagdish Kotadia, Bharat Ladani speaks about meeting with Jayram Patel and questioning Amrishi Patel’s son, Dikra Amrishi Patel. Refrain from defaming him.

Pre-Vibrant Event in Bharuch and Government’s Assurance

A pre-Vibrant event was organized in Bharuch where central minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, Energy Minister Kanu Desai, and Bharuch MP Mansukh Vasava, among other leaders, assured that no new plants would be set up in the future. This is a commitment from the government.

Traffic Rules Enforcement in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is set to implement strict traffic rules in the next 15 days. The High Court orders the rigorous enforcement of rules at five traffic points in the city. Violations such as no-parking, excessive honking, jumping signals, failure to wear seatbelts or helmets, and not carrying vehicle documents will result in penalties issued by traffic police.

Drive Checks at 5 Traffic Points in Ahmedabad

Traffic police in Ahmedabad will conduct drive checks at five points in the city. These points include Stadium Circle to the west, Jhades Hospital Circle and beyond, Judges Bungalow Road and beyond, Thaltej to Shilaj Road and Prabhat Chowk to the High Court route. Violators will face penalties from traffic police for breaking rules along these routes.

Cyber Fraud Complaint Against Private Company Employee

In a cyber fraud incident, an employee working for an H.R. firm in Vadodara engaged in cyber fraud using the identity of H.R. technique. The victim, Sharadbhai Surani, filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police in Mathak to investigate further. The accused orchestrated the fraud by seeking likes and subscriptions on YouTube through a link received on WhatsApp.

Details of Age and City for Verification

A complaint was lodged by Sharadbhai Surani, a resident on Savli Road in Vadodara, who worked for an H.R. firm. On December 13, 2023, he received a message on an unknown WhatsApp number with a link. Later, he engaged in a conversation through Telegram with an unknown person asking for details about his age and city, which Surani provided. The conversation concluded after Surani fulfilled the request.

How to Claim Refunds – Information Provided

To claim a refund, information was given on what to do. Later, a link was shared on Telegram, and subscribers who liked and subscribed to the video through the link received Rs. 150 in their accounts. Subsequently, cyber groups requested account numbers and IFSC codes. Along with this, a message was sent to a Telegram group. For this, 10 tasks were given to like videos on YouTube, and later, 21 tasks were assigned to be completed within a time limit. The nature of these tasks and how to complete them, as well as information on claiming refunds, were explained.

Tempting Offer: Get Rs. 100 Instead of Rs. 50!

Following discussions, on the 14th of December, a link was sent to the Telegram ID holder, asking them to become a receptionist. Registration was required, and the individual had to provide an email ID and password. After logging in, completing a task would result in receiving Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 50. The payment had to be made to various accounts, both debit and credit, due to errors in the data.

Election Results for Gujarat High Court Advocates Association

The election results for the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and 15 members of the Managing Committee were announced yesterday. There were 51 candidates for the President, with Modi securing 1060 votes, while Harif Jagdeja received 580 votes. For the Vice President, Virat Popat received 1010 votes, and Harif Dipakkumar Joshi received 618 votes. Hardik Brahmbhatt won the General Secretary position with 835 votes, and Harif Punit Juneja secured 552 votes. Bhavik Pandya won the Joint Secretary position with 782 votes, and Harif Aditya Bhatt received 614 votes. Darshan Dave won the Treasurer position with 989 votes, and Harif Kishor Prajapati received 677 votes.

Notably, there were three contestants for the President, three for the Vice President, four for the General Secretary, three for the Joint Secretary, two for the Treasurer, and 36 lawyers contested for the 15 members of the Managing Committee. The voting was observed under the counting camera. The ballet paper cameras were uncovered, and each person could see the results and voting screen. Elections for the Bar Association are held every two years. Last time, there were 1750 voters, and this time, there were 2553 voters. GHAA is a public trust and is registered.

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