Gujarat Govt Unleashes ‘Wine and Dine’ Experience: Liquor Access Permits for Gift City Stakeholders

Gujarat International Finance Tax City (Gift City), located in Gandhinagar, stands as India’s pioneering smart city. In a notable move, the Gujarat government has implemented a policy exempting employees, officials, and official visitors within Gift City from restrictions on the consumption of liquor.

‘Wine and Dine’ Facility Introduced in Gift City to Boost Global Business Ecosystem

In a noteworthy development, the Narcotics and Excise Department of the state government has issued a circular heralding a significant change in prohibition rules, particularly within the vibrant confines of the Gujarat International Financial Tech City (Gift City). Renowned as a global financial and technology hub teeming with economic activity, Gift City has attracted the attention of high-level authorities, leading to a pivotal decision to revise prohibition regulations. The directive aims to usher in a ‘wine and dine’ facility across the entirety of Gift City, strategically designed to foster a comprehensive global business ecosystem. 

This decision is tailored to cater to the needs of global investors, technical experts, as well as companies operating on both national and international scales within the dynamic landscape of Gift City. By adapting the prohibition rules, the government seeks to create an environment that encourages networking, collaboration, and business discussions, aligning with Gift City’s broader vision of positioning itself as a premier global business destination. The introduction of the ‘wine and dine’ facility is poised to contribute to the city’s continued economic growth and enhance its appeal as a thriving international business hub.

Liquor Access Permits Granted: A New Dimension to the Gift City Experience

In tandem with the recent relaxation in prohibition rules within Gift City, the authorities have announced the issuance of Liquor Access Permits to all employees and owners operating within the entire Gift City precinct. This landmark decision facilitates the consumption of liquor in the various hotels, restaurants, and clubs that offer the newly introduced ‘Wine and Dine’ facility. The Liquor Access Permits are poised to enhance the overall social and business experience within Gift City, aligning with the government’s strategic vision for the global financial and technology hub.

Under this progressive initiative, employees and owners will benefit from the newfound freedom to enjoy alcoholic beverages in designated establishments within Gift City. Furthermore, a thoughtful provision has been made to extend this privilege to authorized visitors, granted temporary permits for the consumption of liquor in the company of permanent employees from their respective organizations. This measure not only promotes a congenial atmosphere but also fosters positive interactions among stakeholders.

The introduction of Liquor Access Permits represents a pragmatic approach by the Gujarat government to balance regulatory considerations with the evolving needs of Gift City’s diverse community. This initiative is expected to contribute significantly to the city’s appeal, positioning it as a dynamic and inclusive destination for global investors, technical experts, and companies operating at national and international levels. The move reflects a commitment to creating a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for all those engaged in the bustling activities of Gift City.

Restructuring Liquor Sales: Gift City Implements FL3 License for ‘Wine and Dine’ Experience

In a strategic move, hotels, restaurants, and clubs operating within Gift City will undergo a transformation in liquor sales regulations. As per the revised guidelines, establishments within Gift City will no longer be authorized to sell bottles of liquor. Instead, they will be eligible to obtain the ‘Wine and Dine’ facility through the FL3 license, offering a distinctive experience to patrons.

This change in policy is designed to create a distinctive atmosphere within Gift City, emphasizing the consumption of liquor within designated hospitality venues. While hotels, clubs, and restaurants will no longer retail liquor bottles, they will be permitted to provide the ‘Wine and Dine’ experience to their guests through the acquisition of the FL3 license.

The revised regulations extend the privilege of liquor consumption to employees officially working within Gift City and visitors engaged in official visits. This nuanced approach ensures that individuals associated with the economic hub can enjoy the social aspects of ‘Wine and Dine’ without the option of purchasing bottles for consumption outside the designated venues.

Stringent Oversight: Gujarat State Anti-Narcotics Department to Monitor Liquor Import and Storage in Gift City

In a bid to uphold regulatory standards, the Gujarat State Anti-Narcotics and Akbari Department will play a pivotal role in overseeing the import, storage, and dispensing of liquor within Gift City. This comprehensive monitoring initiative is aimed at ensuring strict compliance with the FL3 licensing framework for hotels, restaurants, and clubs within the precinct.

Under this watchful gaze, the Anti-Narcotics and Akbari Department will implement rigorous measures to control and regulate the entire lifecycle of liquor within FL3 licensed establishments. This includes the importation of liquor, its secure storage, and the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages in hotels, restaurants, and clubs operating within Gift City.

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