Ahmedabad CP Incentivizes: Report Drink and Drive, Earn Rs 200 Reward

In a proactive step toward enhancing road safety, the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner has implemented a reward system to incentivize police officers for apprehending individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. This decision underscores the commitment of the police force to intensify efforts in curbing drunk driving incidents within the city.

Effective immediately, any police officer who successfully catches a case of drunk driving will be eligible for a reward of Rs 200. This strategic move not only acknowledges the challenging nature of the task but also seeks to motivate law enforcement personnel in their continuous efforts to uphold traffic regulations and ensure public safety.

The introduction of this reward system aligns with the broader mission of the Ahmedabad City Police to create a safer environment on the roads. By providing tangible recognition for officers actively involved in combating drunk driving, the Commissioner aims to foster a sense of accomplishment among the police force and strengthen their dedication to this critical aspect of law enforcement.

Police Launches Intensive Drive Against Drink and Drive Menace

Accidents resulting from drink and drive incidents have left a lasting impact on Ahmedabad, epitomized by unfortunate events such as Vismay Shah’s BMW accident and the recent tragedy involving Tathya Patel, claiming the lives of innocent individuals. Typically, only affluent individuals step forward in the aftermath of such tragedies. A surge in cases of drink and drive incidents prompted the police to take significant action in the past. 

However, with the looming concern that a substantial number of individuals may indulge in alcohol consumption and drive recklessly in the near future, akin to previous instances, the police have announced a forthcoming drive across various localities. This initiative reflects the authorities’ commitment to addressing the menace of drink and drive, aiming to instill a sense of responsibility and deter potential offenders. The proactive measure is a response to the escalating threat posed by intoxicated drivers and underscores the police force’s dedication to safeguarding public safety on the roads.

Recognition and Rewards for Diligent Policing Against Drunk Driving

In a strategic move to underscore the significance of combating drunk driving, the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner has introduced a reward system to recognize police officers involved in filing cases against individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. Acknowledging the critical role these officers play in ensuring road safety, a reward of Rs 200 will be granted to each policeman responsible for documenting such cases. 

Notably, this commendation will be conferred by the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) overseeing the respective jurisdiction where the incident occurred. Beyond the financial incentive, the Commissioner emphasizes the lasting impact of this achievement by ensuring that it will be duly noted in the service record of the deserving officers. This initiative aims not only to motivate and appreciate the diligence of the police force but also to foster a culture of accountability and responsibility in the ongoing battle against the perils of drunk driving.

Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police Unveils Stringent Liquor Ban Plan

In a written announcement, the Commissioner of Police has revealed a comprehensive plan for the implementation of a strict liquor ban within the city of Ahmedabad before December 31. Today, an official written order has been issued by the Commissioner of Police, outlining the details and directives for the upcoming prohibition measures. 

This decisive step reflects the commitment of law enforcement to ensure public safety and order, with the anticipation that the liquor ban will contribute significantly to fostering a secure and regulated environment within the city. The written announcement underlines the proactive approach taken by the Commissioner of Police to address potential challenges associated with alcohol consumption and uphold the well-being of Ahmedabad’s residents.

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