Decision Made to Construct Flyover: From Law Garden BRTS Stand to CN, 1.18 Lakh Vehicles Pass through Ambawadi Circle Daily

In response to heavy traffic congestion in the city, a flyover is set to be constructed at a significant junction in Ahmedabad, according to Jainul Ansari. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has initiated plans to build a flyover in the vicinity of the Law Garden BRTS station, stretching to Panchvati Circle near Ambawadi Circle. This flyover, designed in an L shape, will extend all the way to CN Vidyalaya.

Previously, the Municipal Corporation had considered constructing a bridge solely at Panchvati Circle. However, due to persistent traffic issues extending up to Ambawadi Circle, the plans have been revised, and the flyover will now span up to CN Vidyalaya. Additionally, traffic signals have been installed at Ambawadi Circle by the AMC.

Ambawadi Circle witnesses an average daily traffic flow of approximately 1.18 lakh vehicles, including 69,000 two-wheelers and 31,551 cars. Moreover, around 460 private buses ply through this junction every day. The road leading from Chandkheda to Panjrapole witnesses the highest vehicular traffic.

During the evening peak hours from 6 to 7 PM, an average of 9,210 vehicles cross Ambawadi Circle, while during peak morning hours, 9,409 vehicles travel from Chandkheda to Panjrapole Road, representing the highest traffic volume on this route.

The flyover project was allocated funds in the 2023-24 budget, with the aim of easing traffic congestion in the area. The traffic survey reveals that during peak hours, 59% of vehicles passing through Ambawadi Circle are two-wheelers, followed by 27% four-wheelers, and 11% auto-rickshaws, buses, and trucks. Only 1% of the traffic consists of bicycles.

Traffic congestion is most pronounced during the evening rush hours from 6 to 7 PM, with 2,647 vehicles passing from Panjrapole Road to Panchvati Road during this period.

Decision Made to Extend Flyover from Panjrapole to Panchvati Due to Heavy Traffic at Panjrapole

In response to heavy traffic congestion at Panjrapole, the decision has been made to extend the flyover to Panchvati, replacing the existing traffic junction. The traffic data below highlights the necessity of this decision:

Route: For Vehicles Two-Wheelers Rickshaws Total Vehicles

  • Panjrapole to Panchvati: 6524 12737 2358 22349
  • Panjrapole to Chadawad: 1274 6786 1166 9718
  • Panchvati to Panjrapole: 9368 14492 3197 27990
  • Panchvati to Chadawad: 5788 9355 1983 17562
  • Chadawad to Panchvati: 1342 6551 1150 9409
  • Chadawad to Panjrapole: 7255 19081 3566 31163
  • Total: 31551 69002 13420 118191

The decision to extend the flyover aims to alleviate congestion and streamline traffic flow in the region. With heavy traffic volumes recorded from Panjrapole to Panchvati, the flyover extension is expected to significantly improve commuting conditions and enhance overall traffic management in the area.

State Government Allocates Funds for New Flyovers in Ahmedabad

The state government has approved a budget allocation of 185 crore rupees for the construction of two new flyovers in the expanding areas of Panjarapole and Panchvati in Ahmedabad. Under the visionary urban development plan of Chief Minister Swarnim Jayanti, the state government will provide this financial assistance for the project. Specifically, 86.94 crore rupees will be allocated for a 653-meter flyover at Panjarapole, while 98.18 crore rupees will be disbursed for an overbridge at the Panchvati junction.

It’s noteworthy that the city is slated to witness the construction of around 20 flyovers. The state government will allocate a total of 612.86 crore rupees for seven bridges. The decision to approve a budget of 185.12 crore rupees for the fiscal year 2023-24 underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure in Ahmedabad. Now, the path for the construction of these flyovers has been cleared.

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