Tragic Incident: Union Bank Officer Commits Suicide in Junagadh, Gujarat – Shocking CCTV Footage Reveals Disturbing Incident

An officer performing duties at the Union Bank of India located in Junagadh city today committed suicide by hanging himself in the railing near the bank premises. The entire incident of suicide was captured in the CCTV footage installed by the bank. The police have seized a suicide note and are conducting further investigations. The clear reason behind the suicide has not yet been disclosed. The dead body is being examined for further investigation.

Bank Officer’s Life Ends Near Bank

Siaram Prasad, an officer who hailed from Uttar Pradesh and resided on Jhanjharda Road in Junagadh, today ended his life by hanging himself from a railing near the bank where he performed duties as an officer responsible for loan disbursal.

Officer Leaves Home, Family Seeks

Siaram Prasad, who had left home only at night, had been avoiding meeting his family members at home. Instead, his wife had conversed with him through his colleagues. Later, when his family and other colleagues went out to search for Siaram Prasad, they found him hanging from a railing near the bank. At that time, when it was revealed that Siaram Prasad had committed suicide, grief struck the families.

The Entire Incident Captured in CCTV

The bank officer committed suicide by hanging himself from the railing near the bank. The entire incident was captured in the complex and was recorded in the bank’s CCTV footage. When all the shops and offices in the complex were closed early in the morning, this incident was captured in the CCTV footage installed in the complex. The police have also seized a suicide note. Currently, the clear reason behind the suicide has not been disclosed. The police are conducting further investigations by examining the dead body for more clues.

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