Gandhinagar Mega Music Fest: Live Concert & Laser Show, Jan 6-7

Gandhinagar is set to witness its first-ever live musical concert organized by the Municipal Corporation as part of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit on January 6th and 7th. The pre-Vibrant Musical Concert will feature an attractive Laser Show and Cracker Show, and passes can be obtained by registering online.

Gandhinagar Prepares for Vibrant Summit with Illuminated Buildings

Preparations are underway for the Vibrant Summit in Gandhinagar, featuring illuminated buildings adorned with colorful flowers on the city’s roads. The Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with builders, plans to create a vibrant atmosphere, illuminating structures to celebrate the Vibrant Summit, which will now also host a Mega Musical Concert.

Upcoming Events at Mahatma Mandir

On January 10th, 11th, and 12th, the Vibrant Gujarat Summit will host a Mega Musical Concert at Mahatma Mandir. This will be the sixth edition of the Pre-Vibrant Mega Musical Concert, followed by the sixth and seventh editions on January 10th and 11th. Laser shows and cracker shows will also be organized by the Municipal Corporation.

Live Performances by Hari Nakhum and Hansraj Raghuvanshi

On the evening of the 6th of January, artists Hari Nakhum and Hansraj Raghuvanshi will perform, creating a memorable experience for the citizens of Gandhinagar. Following this, on the 7th of January, Dimpal Pancholi and the MegaStar Trending duo Sachet and Parampara will present a live musical concert. Citizens can obtain free passes for these events by registering online through the Municipal Corporation’s platform.

For free e-pass registration and downloading, citizens can use the following links:

These renowned artists will bring Bollywood, devotional songs, and the essence of Gujarati music to the Mega Musical Concert.

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