AMC Employee Attacked: Assaulted Near Ellisbridge Police Station While Returning Home

Attack on Sanitary Sub-Inspector Kiran Baranda in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

In a shocking incident, Kiran Baranda, serving as a Sanitary Sub-Inspector in the Western Zone of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, was attacked late at night near the Ellisbridge Police Station. Kiran Baranda was on his way home after completing his work when around 10 PM, unidentified assailants arrived in two to three vehicles near the police station. They attacked him with sticks and other weapons before fleeing the scene. Kiranbhai, who was severely injured, was immediately admitted to SVP Hospital for urgent treatment. Despite the seriousness of the incident and eight hours having passed, the Ellisbridge police have yet to take immediate action or file a complaint.

Police Yet to Take Complaint in Attack on Sanitary Sub-Inspector Kiran Baranda

Naresh Rajput, head of the CNCD department, informed Divya Bhaskar that Sanitary Inspector Kiran Baranda was attacked by unknown individuals with weapons near Ellisbridge Police Station while he was on his way home after work. Baranda suffered serious injuries to his head and leg and was taken to SVP Hospital for treatment, where he is currently receiving care. Despite the gravity of the incident, no police officers have arrived to take a complaint. The injured Sanitary Sub-Inspector remains hospitalized, but the police have yet to come to file a report.

Kiran Baranda’s Condition Stable, Yet Police Complaint Pending

Naresh Rajput further mentioned that the attack on Sanitary Inspector Kiran Baranda occurred right in front of Ellisbridge Police Station. Despite more than 8 hours passing since the incident, the police have yet to arrive to take a statement or file a complaint. It is suspected that the attack may be related to his work involving the capture of stray animals. Currently, Baranda’s condition is stable. Steps will now be taken to file a police complaint regarding the matter.

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