Tragic Suicide of Female Police Officer in Vasana: Harassment by Suspected Lover

A female police officer posted at the Paldi police station in Ahmedabad city recently committed suicide by hanging herself a few days ago in Galafanso, Khodiyaarnagar. The deceased, who lived in Soladi village in Surendranagar district, has been noted to have committed suicide due to constant harassment by her lover, whose name is Jaswant. The deceased’s lover incessantly troubled her by making video calls and raising suspicions, leading Kantali to ultimately fill out a suicide note and send it to the police. Based on the suicide note and mobile phone data, the Vasna police have initiated action against the deceased’s lover.

Lalita Parmar, serving as an LRD (Local Response Division) personnel at the Paldi police station, committed suicide by hanging herself in a rented house in Vasna Khodiyaarnagar six days ago. The Vasna police, during their investigation, found that Kantali had taken her own life due to harassment from her lover, Jasvant Rathod, who resides in Soladi village of Surendranagar. The police received a letter from the scene.

The deceased woman, prior to her death, had written about the constant harassment she faced from her lover, named Jasvant, who resides in the village. She mentioned that he would incessantly call and threaten her, prohibiting her from talking to anyone else. Not only that, but he also exerted pressure on her to quit her job, which eventually led the young woman to take her own life. As a result, she made the decision to end her life prematurely.

The mention of having several pieces of evidence on her mobile phone was made in the final letter. In this context, several pieces of evidence were mentioned in her mobile phone in the final letter. Based on a complaint filed by the deceased woman’s brother, Jasvant Rathod was noted as the perpetrator, and legal action was taken accordingly by the police. The deceased Lalita Parmar’s first posting was in Paladi, and she had started her job on December 18th. Just 20 days prior, she had come to Khodiyaar Nagar to stay with her sister temporarily.

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