Health Condition of Minister Bhikhu Singh Parmar Worsens: Admitted to Hospital in Gandhinagar After Blood Pressure Spikes While Having Tea at Home

State Minister Bhikhu Singh Parmar’s health has taken a downturn. He was having tea and snacks at his residence in Gandhinagar when his blood pressure suddenly rose. He was immediately rushed to U.N. Mehta Hospital for further treatment after undergoing an MRI scan.

27 Years of Struggle to Become a Member of Legislative Assembly

Bhikhu Singh Parmar’s political journey from a sarpanch to a state minister in Gujarat Legislative Assembly spans over 27 years. Parmar contested assembly elections five times, starting in 1995 from Modasa constituency. In 2002, he contested as an opposition candidate and in 2007, despite contesting from Modasa seat on a BSP ticket, he faced defeat. 

Even in 2017, despite contesting from Modasa seat as a BJP candidate, he lost with 1640 votes. However, in 2022, BJP once again awarded him the ticket and Bhikhu Singh Parmar emerged victorious from Modasa seat. This marked his first time as a member of the legislative assembly, subsequently securing a place among the state ministers in Bupendra Patel’s cabinet.

From Bus Cleaner to Public Servant: Bhikhu Singh Parmar’s Early Career

In 1978, Bhikhu Singh Parmar began his professional journey as a bus cleaner in the Gujarat State Transport (GST) department. This decision came after he had taken on the role of a village head, aiming to support his family and manage household expenses. 

His duties primarily involved ensuring the cleanliness of buses, a job he diligently performed for three years until 1981. He decided to resign from this position because he felt it did not offer prospects for career growth in Gujarat. Following his departure from GST, Bhikhu Singh Parmar transitioned into the mining sector, starting anew as a laborer.

Challenges in Congress due to Factionalism: Amar Singh Chaudhary and Madhav Singh Solanki

Within the Congress party, factions led by Amar Singh Chaudhary and Madhav Singh Solanki created divisions that prevented me from contesting elections. I was aligned with Madhavsinh Solanki’s group, which opposed Amar Singh’s faction. 

Due to this internal rift, I did not receive the opportunity to contest elections. Subsequently, Ahmed Patel supported my candidature, influenced by my connections with Irshad Mirza. However, my candidacy faced opposition from Irshad Mirza’s acquaintances. This factionalism within the Congress party at the time hindered my electoral prospects.

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